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  1. Dr_Watso

    Lost some precious stuff.

    Hi guys, Be careful with your drum stuff. It's a target. I had a early morning rehearsal and knew it might wake up my significant to pack up in the morning while they slept. I packed the car last night. Hid things under a blanket and I live in a nice area so I figured I should be okay. At...
  2. Dr_Watso

    Anyone know what's up with Bo?

    Matt's username is showing as a guest and I'm not seeing any info about it... I don't want to intrude if he wants privacy, rather I'm just wondering if anyone knows?
  3. Dr_Watso

    For JP Gaster fans... Check this out I stumbled upon this by way of the ol' youtube rabbit-hole... I wasn't paying that much attention and clicked more because I was curious about the weird name "Walrus Boot". Upon clicking, I immediately got drawn to a simply infectious, disgusting, nasty, deep...
  4. Dr_Watso

    Fan recommendations

    Hey drummer buddies. So I've got a fan in my practice spaces and was thinking this would be real nice at shows as well. I think though for shows with microphones all over the place and gear that might have varying levels of shielding, I should maybe think about this for a moment. So I'm...
  5. Dr_Watso

    The nightmare we've all had!

    This is why you purchase quality drum thrones, people.
  6. Dr_Watso

    Cool video about "Trout Mask Replica".

    Found this interesting and have to admit that I assumed a few things that weren't true about it's production and inception. Senior Beefheart isn't everyone's cup of tea, but I think it fits in nicely with some of the...
  7. Dr_Watso

    DOOM, Behind the music lecture

    Pretty fascinating stuff even if you have no idea about the video game. The process for making the music was very unconventional and had a lot of interesting creativity applied. In particular, I loved this section where he uses a plug in to put images in the...
  8. Dr_Watso

    Barton Drums...

    Hey friends, So I'm looking into things to spend some gift money and tax return dollars on, and my local amazing drum shop had some stock of a new (to me) drum maker... Barton. Learned a few things from the store owner, firstly and fore-mostly my attention was caught by one big-ticket thing...
  9. Dr_Watso

    Old guys rocking. Bonus of Larry's amazing snare gift; vid/audio.

    Hey fellas/fellettes, Got a few for ya. First is an example of the upcoming album, a cool number in 6 called "the spell". Features a 'clean' example of the new black beauty which was Larry's amazing gift that I'll be treasuring for life...
  10. Dr_Watso

    Fancy some low-pitch down-n-dirty rock?

    Hey guys/gals, New project that we're getting started up. Definitely my kind of music and I'm having fun. Some of the fav bands we have in common is stuff like Kyuss, Clutch, and Sabbath. I hear different influences. We did some bedroom recordings at the guitar player's parent's house and...
  11. Dr_Watso

    US/Brit word-conversion guide.

  12. Dr_Watso

    Some finished tracks from the "fusion-y" band.

    Hello again! Lots of folks asked for the final versions when I posted one of these that isn't done. Far as I know, these three are finals for our demo as a new band... It's a weird fusion-y "story band" that has a gods/universes mythology built in. Best I can explain. Live shows have visual...
  13. Dr_Watso

    Check out my fusion-y project?

    UPDATE! Finished version of this song and a few others in new thread! ------------------------------- Hey all, Just wanted to share something I've been working on a few months with a new project. We just went in to record a few songs for...
  14. Dr_Watso

    Our grunge/punk album is online!

    Hi again all! Just wanted to leave this here in case anyone is still interested! This is the full album from which I recently shared a few songs that went to youtube from. Without further adieu listen to some dirty grunge! : My favs are probably the "ballad"...
  15. Dr_Watso

    Some original Grunge/alt/punk kinda stuff?

    Hey guys and guys-ettes, I recently recorded an album with my grunge(I guess?) band. While we wait on physical production and disk stamping, a buddy of the singer/guitar player put some stills from a Bill Murray movie under a song on utube. We tried to make something that was a bit more on...
  16. Dr_Watso

    DW 5000 new clamp...

    Hey all, So I've had a new 5000 on my buy list for a while now as I've been using an IC for a while and think I prefer the old way. As I was in a studio recording over the weekend, they had tons of gear I could pick and choose from, and one thing they had was a nice new 5000 pedal. The pedal...
  17. Dr_Watso

    LA dwellers. What's good near Beverly/Alvarado?

    Hey folks. Driving south in a few weeks to record an album. Can anyone in the area clue me into cool places to eat/get gear near the studio? Beverly and Alvarado look like the closest big streets. Been down there near/in LA a few times for shows, but not that area!
  18. Dr_Watso

    A bass guitar lesson that drummers should watch.

    Hey fellas, and fellettes, I came across this while on one of my tumbles down the youtube rabbit hole. It's a fantastic lesson for bass players, but there's also a treasure trove of good stuff for us simple-minded drummers to get from this too. The video specifically goes into the ways that...
  19. Dr_Watso

    Anyone else seeing weird 'quote' behavior?

    I can't see the contents of most quotes all of a sudden on this board. Anyone else? Started yesterday I think.
  20. Dr_Watso

    How do you hear it all?

    Hey guys, I wanted to open a discussion about monitoring live sound for drummers. I have decided it's time that I bring some of my own equipment out to venues because of all the issues hearing what's going on. I've played venues that spent tons and tons of dollars on their stage sound, as in...