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    Promoting a Gig Without Social Media?

    I think of social media as the 'lottery' option of retirement programs. If you hit then great!...but don't expect it to have the probability you might think. A firm with a track record of exposure and traceable influence is the way to go...but few will expend the proper $. Use all avenues...
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    hitting two crashes at the same time?

    You dont have to hit them both with the same force...or at the same can tag the bell of one while doing a 'normal' crash of another...or scrape your stick over a cymbal with the other stick doing a quiet china cymbal voicing...or flam-ing 2 different cymbals...and on and on.... High...
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    Sticking the beater

    I see it like my able to put the striking object on the surface you intend with variable 'stickyness'. I don't see it as an either/or...sometimes I want to dampen the bass beater head after the stroke...sometimes I want the stroke to be less staccato. The real task is to get so you...
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    What are you listening to right now?

    studying the pause/resolution of a song The Carter Family Single Girl, Married Girl Great composition! Turns back home like walking away from your wedding alter. Ben Abraham and Sara Bareilles This Is On Me Piano line makes the same sharp turned return. Very effective. Very well rooted to the...
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    R LK L RK Linear Fill

    Love these linear patterns...really cements my bass to my other voices when not playing the pattern. Use care when flavoring your playing with the pattern itself...while it may feel interesting to you, be sure you are saying what you mean to inside the song(of course!). Its easy to get lost in...
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    Insoluble muscle control problem in left foot/ankle

    I would suggest working on both...ankle and heel-toe...and practice moving between them...alot like switching between 'normal' stick stroke and fingers...then tempo varies and you hit your max with one technique, switch to the other...smooth transition is the key here!
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    Would this be stupid or genius?

    One negative I imagine is your IEM suddenly full of the nights sound engineer's girlfriend explaining her latest fashion decision because she is standing between the mic and the stage. (sorry PPG, I think i mis read where you were proposing to place the MIC...not at the main board but at your...
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    Neil Peart's Hometown Is Readying a Statue.

    ...the music consists of a full bar rest, repeating? I like it!
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    Promoting a Gig Without Social Media?

    What seems a blind spot for most is that a social media post can lead to negative reaction....or be a tool of someone who wants to sabotage your efforts. I suggest setting up your own web site and stay out from under the thumb of politically/financially driven stupidity.(no Takedown that you...
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    Moeller Grips vs Stroke

    Push Pull got it right.... Cross training is only limited by our ability to recognize it!
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    Does knowing something is unobtainable...

    sorry 'bout that...the 'nail' appearance of the world has me thinking 'hammer' anymore.
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    The influence of setup on your technique

    Alas, i do not. I actually live WITHOUT a cell I have no family I need to be THAT accessible to...and no real camera to speak of...well, I have one on a Kindle 10.5" That I Jail Broke...guess I could use that.
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    Not sure how to progress

    Frustration is mediocrity escaping. (cognitive self programming...repeat this for a couple hours...oh, and no, i don't believe this but it does give frustration a place to sit so it does not bounce around your head)
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    The influence of setup on your technique

    Thats the thing!...with everything much closer in(fractions of an inch between objects) and HH closer in.
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    The influence of setup on your technique

    Not at all! I have the HH occluding the far side of the batter head so its pretty close in...and the back of the top 2 toms are closer to me than the back of the HH. Cymbals are close in (my ride is a bit higher up than i would like as it sits over a 22" bass-considering trying a 20" Bass)...I...
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    The influence of setup on your technique

    I found I could reduce the average distance from where the sticks were when I play 'pattern' most frequently(HH/Snare) to other parts of the set by moving the HH and Snare to the center of the kit...not way off to one side. I then did a symmetrical tom(represented by numbers) placement like...
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    Moeller Grips vs Stroke

    I am thinking that there isn't a 'best' way to learn physical motion patterns...that it depends on the learner. I have tried the exaggerated/large motion method to learn Moeller....and once I stopped i was able to learn Moeller(which i have replaced with a simple wrist(radial around ulnar)...
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    Does knowing something is unobtainable...

    I think we all experience greed(fear of not having)...its evolutionarily advantageous for our past and an extinction factor for our future.
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    Lars was right...

    Comments out of context are rarely enlightening.
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    Can "feel" be taught or does it more likely come from within?

    The assessment that 'it did not fit' is yours not the original performers....and is subjective. Yes, the evaluation of musical feel is indeed can effect your own assessment of subjective art....its called 'taste'. Can you change someone else's musical expression?...sure!...its...