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  1. KarlCrafton

    Well, well, well. For those who know me.

    I haven't been on the forum much the last few years. For those that remember me, I've used a deep bass drum for almost 30 years now. 20x26 was my main bass drum for almost the last 20 years. I've used 16" &18" deep 26's and 24's too. I was always a supporter of the deeper shell, depending on how...
  2. KarlCrafton

    Does someone have the sE V kick bass drum mic?

    I searched through posts and couldn't find it, but I could have sworn some had the the sE V kick bass drum mic. If anyone has some experience with this mic, please give some feedback. THANKS!!
  3. KarlCrafton

    Fraud Alert on eBay!

    Hi everyone, Just a heads up, this guy is using a pic of my kit to sell his product, which is NOT what is on my kit. He is a fraud.
  4. KarlCrafton

    Radio Airplay!!--tune from video short

    Well, our cd isn't out yet, but a radio station in Detroit has already played one of our songs. It's pretty awesome, considering the corporate nature of radio anymore. We've gotten some cool press for the cd online too, on a couple sites (Bravewords & Bloody Knuckles is one). We did all the...
  5. KarlCrafton

    Short studio video, a new song from my band

    Here's a short clip of a recording session a week or so ago. The camera was set for one frame every 30 seconds. kinda fun :-) Maybe I should enter the WFD set-up & single stroke competition hahaha! This has the 20x26" bass drum, & my 6.5...
  6. KarlCrafton

    Pre-Christmas gig with Steel Panther

    Hey guys and gals, here's a few vids of a show one of my bands did opening for Steel Panther on 12-21-13 at the Royal Oak Music Theatre. It's a 1,700+ capacity theatre, and was sold out. This was our 5th time playing with Steel Panther. They are cool guys, and really good musicians...
  7. KarlCrafton

    A 6.5 Supralite is finally in my hands

    It was other (actually dumb) factors rather than cost that kept me from getting it before, but I just said the heck with it, and got it (after thinking/talking about it for 6 months). It's been a little bit, so here's what I think after playing around with it. This is a GREAT sounding drum...
  8. KarlCrafton

    Aquarian's new film for heads

    Has anyone gotten the NEW heads from Aquarian that have the NuBrite (however they spell it) film? Specifically, the single ply Texture Coated? It's supposed to be a little livelier sounding than the previous film (which came into production around late '99-early '00). I liked their old film...
  9. KarlCrafton

    Drum Nerdines... getting it the way you want, or excessive customizing?

    In the spirit of fun in the other "nerdiness" thread (now with V2!), I wonder what other people have done to make their kits fit to them, instead of just going "stock". My family was in auto racing for many years (my uncle was just inducted into the Michigan Motor Sports Hall of Fame this...
  10. KarlCrafton

    Anyone else experience..."the bum out" with gear you liked?

    When I was a kid (80's), I lusted after the Yamaha Black Recording Custom kit. When I got money, I had all the 700, then 900 hardware (for a long time--red/black sticker generation of it). Those drums were IT for me. I had it baaaad. When it came time to buy a new drum kit ('89), Yamaha were...
  11. KarlCrafton

    Tom in a snare stand PROBLEM SOLVER

    Ok, we've talked before about having a tom in the snare basket, and what stands work better, rubber tip vs plastic yada yada. The problem solver for using any stand is the Little Booty Shaker. At the Chicago Vintage Drum show, they did a product demo mini-clinic, and so I bought some, and man...
  12. KarlCrafton

    Drum re-wrap--what would you do??

    Hey all, Been doing some thinking. I have 3 kit colors. Black Glass Glitter, Red Sparkle, Solid Sable Black. The Solid Black, and BGG have long lugs, the Red Sparkle has Classic Lugs. Here's the thing.... after 20 years, I've been slowly creeping away from my 20" depth bass drums. I still...
  13. KarlCrafton

    Steve Jordan web cast on now!

    Link here:
  14. KarlCrafton

    My Gear-Snares and kits

    What I did last summer.... Haha! I was pretty stoked to find some deeper, taller shelving units for a good price in early summer, and was finally able to really organize my gear. The shelves were $40 each, and had 3 tiers. Since I only used two levels (they were exactly the right height) for...
  15. KarlCrafton

    Paiste...The pics

    Pics or it didn't happen :-).... Well, my camera isn't working the greatest right now for some reason, then my stupid Photobucket took a I only have one pic for now. Here's the list L-R: In the Back; 24" Giant Beat, 24" 2002 Crash, 24" 2002 AVH Big Ride, 22" 2002 Crash, 22" Formula...
  16. KarlCrafton

    Some new Paiste cymbals for me

    Man, I never thought it would happen, but Holy Cow, I am ALL IN for the 2002's. I was in process of getting some 602's, but (long story short) I couldn't get 15" hats in Sound Edge from Paiste because they were NOT making them, and the only way to get them was to pay the amount the online...
  17. KarlCrafton

    Going off the Preferred set up thread...

    Do you guy's think MOST people still go through kit size "phases", or kinda stick to one type (bigger/smaller)? I will start with, when I was starting, there was NO Modern Drummer, no clinic tours, no video's, mass marketing YouTube OR drum catalogs to drool over, and dream of amassing a lot of...
  18. KarlCrafton

    What's up with the amounts people will pay??

    I was on eBay and spotted some cool 15" For. 602 hats. These were older "Blue Label" hats. What you'd expect from cymbals not cleaned in forever, so nothing "new" looking about them. I know what I can get these for brand new, but decided to bid to around that price--and being as they were...
  19. KarlCrafton

    Perfect Balance Pedal-- I played it, thoughts

    The Sonor Perfect Balance (JoJo Mayer) pedal came to the shop yesterday. They got 2. One I looked over, played around with it's different adjustments, and then played on my friends pedal which he already bought. It was set up in his lesson room on a pad. It's very nice. It's pretty light...
  20. KarlCrafton

    Cool gig pics, post 'em if you got 'em!

    Came across this pic and thought it was cool, so I thought I'd share :-) From the same show