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  1. drumhead61

    My New/Used Ludwig Supraphonic

    OK drummer family I just got a 1966 Keystone Badge Ludwig Supraphonic snare drum 5x14 in excellent condition on Ebay a few weeks ago...I have already taken off the Aquarian head and put on a Remo Coated Ambassador and love the sound of this snare. Its got a CRACK to it that I have been wanting...
  2. drumhead61

    Yamaha Stage Custom Advantage

    I just purchased a 5 pc kit of Yamaha Stage Custom Advantage the other day off of ebay for $399 with a lacquer finish in blue (currently all I have is a fuzzy pic) sizes 10, 12, 14 toms 20 in. kick and a 14 snare. I think even fuzzy the kit looks good, but it does give you all a good idea of the...
  3. drumhead61

    New Snare coming home

    I bought a new snare last week off of ebay and I am waiting for it to get home...its a Pearl Morgan Rose signature that looks sweet to me...check er out Should be seeing it here at home in a day or two...excited I AM
  4. drumhead61

    My A Customs on their way

    I have been looking @ A customs for some time now and drooling over them and their sound...every time I hit a music store I have to go listen and usually walk away without having my new pies. I have heard enough and just had to get my own, so today I was cruising ebay and found two of the A...
  5. drumhead61

    Tell me About Cymbal Weights

    Other than the fact that it is heavier what is the difference tonally if a 20" crash/ride weighs 1820 grams in comparison to 1895 grams? Can one tell the tonal difference? Thanks for sharing...
  6. drumhead61

    Lliam 21 months old and wanting to JAM

    This is my son Lliam who has had an interest in my kit since I got it last week...I taped this using my phone so the quality is not all that good, but check out that little man go to town! Just had to share this...
  7. drumhead61

    Thanks to Bernhard

    I wrote the following to Bernhard and he suggested that I share it with the forum...SO here goes! Originally Posted by drumhead61 Hi Bernhard, I want to thank you for this website without it I do not think I would have ever lost my WANNA. From the time I was 9 years old I was a WANNA be...