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  1. IBitePrettyHard

    Choose between 14x5.5 and 14x6.5

    I lean towards 5.5" snares because I like maximum sensitivity and clarity. 6.5" snares are not quite as sensitive, generally speaking. However the 6.5" Ludwig Supraphonic and 6.5" Black Beauty are big exceptions. They have fantastic sensitivity for their depth. There's nothing wrong with a...
  2. IBitePrettyHard

    Titanium snares…thoughts and feedback?

    I like Titanium snares because they have a very low fundamental tone, lower than any metal (except maybe Magnesium). It's a very low-density and lightweight material, which means you get more warmth than from other metals. That means you can crank it up high without sounding choked and as...
  3. IBitePrettyHard

    Gretsch Renown & DW Performance: Why $$ Difference?

    The extra cost for the DW Performance Series is 110% because it was made in America. Sad to say, but it's the truth. Side by side, both these kits will look, and feel high quality, despite the big price difference. That being said, the Renowns sound way better. :)
  4. IBitePrettyHard

    Ludwig Black Beauty B-Stock long term value

    What happened with your B-stock BB's finish? Just curious.
  5. IBitePrettyHard

    A&F drums

    I've been saying this about A&F drums for years, and sometimes took heat for it. They look great, but they're wildly overpriced, all form and no function, and have a spotty build quality. But the most egregious thing about them: they don't sound very good. Budget drums can run circles...
  6. IBitePrettyHard

    Are steel snare drums underrated?

    The 14x6.5" Ludwig Supralite is the best darn steel snare you'll ever hear, imo. It sounds like a slightly aggressive Supraphonic, which is really saying something considering how cheap it is.
  7. IBitePrettyHard

    Calling Pork Pie experts, what is this?

    I think your instincts are spot on. The parts were most likely imported and then assembled in the US. If it were made in the USA, it would definitely say so. That's a beautiful kit!
  8. IBitePrettyHard

    which of these two snares would give exact sound to this clip?

    Perfect! I was gonna suggest a Gretsch because he's playing a Gretsch kit in the video. And I was also gonna say that the snare in the video doesn't sound like a Ludwig at all, IMO...and that perhaps the Sonor would be the better option. But getting the Vinnie signature 12x4 is a much better...
  9. IBitePrettyHard

    22" vs 20" Bass Drums

    I was faced with the same 20 vs 22 quandary before I bought my Gretsch Renowns. At the time I concluded that the 20x16" would be more versatile/practical since I like to play jazz from time to time. I ended up getting the 20/10/12/14 shell pack, and even though I love the kit, I didn't "love"...
  10. IBitePrettyHard

    Pimping a cheap acrylic snare: suggestions?

    The hardware may be cheap, but the acrylic shell itself isn't cheap. There are only a few manufacturers of acrylic shells in the world, the most common being RCI, which supplies the shells for Ludwig Vistalites IIRC. I actually kinda like how that blue paint job looks!
  11. IBitePrettyHard

    Well boys..were here.

    My band was going to play at the famous CBGBs in downtown Manhattan. The date for the gig was supposed to be September 17th, 2001. I remember being pretty excited, it would've been my first trip to New York City. Then, just a few days before the gig, 9/11 happened. CBGBs was located (at the...
  12. IBitePrettyHard

    Issue with Gretsch Renown???

    IIRC, Gretsch didn't opt for 5 lugs for sound reasons (back in the 1950s) was just to save money and offer kits cheaper, I think? But yeah, I think they lucked out, because the 5 lug design works great on 10 and 12" toms. Before getting my Renowns, I would've been skeptical, but I am a...
  13. IBitePrettyHard

    is $1300 to $2000 the sweet spot for most drums?

    I've been really impressed with the kits in the $1300-$2000 range. My Renowns sound amazing and have an impeccable fit and finish. Aside from exotic finishes, I really don't see the benefit of spending twice as much on a USA Custom.
  14. IBitePrettyHard

    Pearl Free Floating Snares

    I bought into the hype of the Pearl Free Floater back around 1995 and ended up buying one. Quite frankly, I didn't like how it sounded. All high frequencies, and hardly any low frequencies. It sounded brash. No warmth or depth to the tone whatsoever. I was disappointed and eventually sold...
  15. IBitePrettyHard

    Issue with Gretsch Renown???

    As the owner of a large Renown kit and a large Tour Custom kit, I would have to agree... My Renowns sound absolutely phenomenal, they're my favorite drums by far. That's why I bought an entire shell bank of them! (10/12/14/16 with 18/20/22 kicks) But I will concede that they aren't the...
  16. IBitePrettyHard

    Cleaning a 1964 Jazz Festival in Orange Sparkle?

    I use Dawn dish detergent for all my drum cleaning needs. If it can clean an oily duck, it can clean a drum.
  17. IBitePrettyHard

    I can't decide whether to spend $1K or up to $4K for a drum set.

    That's a good price to spend. I believe the sweet spot is in the $1600 to $2100 range. Anything more than that and you're getting diminishing returns. My first recommendation would be a Renown kit, no question. It's the best sounding and feels much more expensive than it is. But you don't...
  18. IBitePrettyHard

    Thoughts on Yamaha Tour Custom

    Yamaha Tour Customs are the absolute best kit for the money under $1300 IMO. They sit in a unique place in between the $800 kits and the $1800 kits. Gretsch Renowns are even better, but they're $400 more.
  19. IBitePrettyHard

    Thoughts on Yamaha Tour Custom

    I love my Tour Custom kit! Just like Wildbill, I really have nothing bad to say about them. Here's my review of them 2 years ago if you haven't seen it.