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  1. s1212z

    The deal of the year

    The actual Appetite kit is much cheaper at $50k (and better)…I’d consider that much more sought after than this Tama.
  2. s1212z

    Do people actually like the “ring” of metal snares?

    My BB Canopus 6.5 is super warm ring. I don’t know if it’s 8 lugs as brass or that they tried to model after 70s (supposedly, some had lower fundamental). With a wide strand snare (30) you can get a dry center and a spectrum of ring depending how you hit it. Would be a crime mute anything...
  3. s1212z

    Martial arts

    It's a beautiful art for sure. I didn't go very far with it myself, but it continues to be life changing for me. Some of the wrist locks were a bit concerning as a drummer, taking ukemi from some less experienced, sadistic or irresponsible was actually a concern for drumming...I ended up siding...
  4. s1212z

    Inexpensive Bop Kit Poll

    @RobertM Forgot if we talked Ash kits, but saw this and thought was a good deal at $1700
  5. s1212z

    When Are Drum Shells Too Thin?

    Star Bubinga is 4.5mm w/ rings. INDe is thin too, 4.7mm. I suppose if it is a concern, center or tube lugs to disperse the tension could be an option. The thinner the shell, more relevant the type and weight of hardware attached along with the mount IME.
  6. s1212z

    Is this song's opening considered a shuffle of other?

    I'm hearing it in 7, with triplets. It's pretty cool, doesn't matter what you call it, probably just an odd time shuffle to give it a label. The first song is fun too, they have phrases of 5 over the shuffle that foreshadows the break out in a 5/4. Fun listen, thx for sharing
  7. s1212z

    Expensive Bop Kit Poll

    Personally, would not extrapolate for a purchase decision but to each their own. Not to say in the right hands it couldn’t sound well. And a quality kit should be able to tune high. But this kit sounds very far from traditional jazz for an acoustic situation. They round over the outerr edges...
  8. s1212z

    New Brooklyn’s….silver sealer?

    Angle of the cut or angle of the edge, it’s phrased differently depending on the source but it’s the same thing…there was a long thread discussing this. Ooops. Artstar already noted this distinction above. jda as well…but let’s state the obvious, it’s Pearl’s attempt to imitate Gretsch despite...
  9. s1212z

    Looking for snare drum used in Dave’s Grohl “Play”

    Could be a Keplinger w/ the generic tube lugs, the vents would be a good give away. They use aftermarket throw offs and I believe Dave has used them in the past. Sounds good whatever it is.
  10. s1212z

    Football Soccer World Cup

  11. s1212z

    New Brooklyn’s….silver sealer?

    And glue, if we want to talk about shell tension along with grain orientation. Supposedly might even more relevant than the wood, lol. Gretsch are Keller if I recall versus whatever Pearl is. I'm guessing both are uniform plies, if that matters. My understanding, gum is softer / less dense...
  12. s1212z

    New Brooklyn’s….silver sealer?

    Rack tom sizes are different, not really fair to put them in near the same tunings and say Pearl sustains shorter, I agree. Both are 6 ply maple/gum, 30 deg edge with a die-cast hoop...both roughly around 5.4-5.5mm but they mentions not exactly the same. Pearl talks about their high temp...
  13. s1212z

    New Brooklyn’s….silver sealer?

  14. s1212z

    New Brooklyn’s….silver sealer?

    I think YESS is pretty good, and three point is better for sure they considered nodal points for the mounts which I like, it's pretty simple design. The old ISS Pearl mounts were terrible, they choked the rim on a triple flanged, had several issues. Had the RIMS on lugs like N&C, they weren't...
  15. s1212z

    New Brooklyn’s….silver sealer?

    Funny, it’s one of my least favorite designs. That ‘bounce’ creates a vibrato ‘WA Wa wa…’ that really bugs me, I guess others like it (?) Maybe the STAR version design is built to lessen this with the third bottom point, but the original wobbled a lot. A zinc die cast hoop is very dry/dead...
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    Inexpensive Bop Kit Poll

    Here is a nicely priced one
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    New Brooklyn’s….silver sealer?

    It's genius marketing if you think about it. Something designed to hide inner veneer imperfections becomes the 'secret sauce' signature sound, nice to have a legacy too. Finding inner and out veneers free of knots or ugly grains is probably is likely expensive in both the selection process and...
  18. s1212z

    Bass drum wants to lose virginity

    There is another version without exposed, looks a little prettier
  19. s1212z

    Bass drum wants to lose virginity

    Drill-free INDe mount could be considerable easier