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  1. Neilage

    Lights, Camera, Accordion!

    I just received an email from Amazon that @bermuda has a new book available for pre-order. Great timing with WEIRD debuting on Roku Friday.
  2. Neilage

    "Let There Be Drums"

    Legendary drummers discuss the art of percussion and their passion for music in a new documentary scheduled to hit cinema screens in the US in late October... Link
  3. Neilage

    Drums & Drummer Trivia anyone?

    A Grateful Dead song came on the radio this morning, and it got me rabbit-holing on their longtime drummer, Bill Kreutzmann. According to Wiki, his grandfather "was an American football coach" and "father of the T formation and the original founder of the forward pass." I'm always looking to...
  4. Neilage

    New Paiste Flat Rides with links

    I just received an email from Paiste announcing their new flat rides:
  5. Neilage

    Be careful out there...

  6. Neilage

    Weird Al movie? Paging Bermuda… The big question is… What actor will play our beloved Bermuda? Any suggestion?
  7. Neilage

    Advice needed -

    Now that things seem to be getting back to normal after 2020, I joined BandMIx in pursuit of other musicians to form a band for weddings, corporate events, etc. I received a call last Friday from a guitarist who has been playing together for 10+ years, asking if I wanted to come over and jam. I...
  8. Neilage

    Dr. Steve Gadd touring drummer for James Taylor in 2021

    Meet The Band Gadd has toured with James before.
  9. Neilage

    The Speed King Is Dead! Long Live...

    I've played a Speed King since the 80's and recently decided it was long past the time to embrace modern technology and invest in a new pedal. After crawling through the threads in this forum and other OCD research, I decided to stick with direct drive and my new Tama Dyna-Sync Single Pedal...
  10. Neilage


    Hudson Music has just announced the publication of Gaddiments, the first drum book written by the legendary Steve Gadd. According to Hudson Music... "In the book, Steve presents a series of rudimental passages inspired by his time in drum corps and love...
  11. Neilage

    New from Paiste

    Paiste expands Signature series with Power, Heavy and Mellow models
  12. Neilage

    Push vs. Pull?

    I've read several interviews with pro drummers who refer to their "push/pull" technique, often when discussing their opinions on using a click track. I'm not quite sure what they are referring to with "push/pull" technique. Does "push/pull" refer to playing in front of or behind the click beat...
  13. Neilage

    Dragonforce - Through The Fire And Flames

    Paiste just posted this Wednesday on YouTube. I'm no metalhead, but this is impressive:
  14. Neilage

    Anderson Paak on Price is Right.

  15. Neilage

    Vic Firth LIVE: Brush Masterclass

    I am really looking forward to this tomorrow, May 7th at 3pm (ET). Featuring Peter Erskine, Jojo Mayer, Russ Miller, Stanton Moore, Steve Smith, Dave Weckl.
  16. Neilage

    BDD Chops app

    I just discovered this app for the iPhone and I am very impressed. The app lets you pick your rudiment and set the BPM; then it uses the phone's microphone to determine how accurately you are playing in time. I cannot attest to the accuracy of the measurements, however it appears to be pretty...
  17. Neilage

    Piggybacking on C.M. Jones "Informal Poll" thread...

    What song(s) do you absolutely love the sound of the snare drum? Everything Bonham is assumed as a given. As a preemptive measure to prevent this thread from devolving into a "how can I get my snare to sound like that?" hijacking, please refer to the number of other threads explaining how...
  18. Neilage

    Chad Smith's Quarantine Drum Grooves - Name that tune.

    The RHCP drummer has been posting a daily drum groove on Instagram for his followers to "Name that Tune"
  19. Neilage

    Vic Firth Remix brushes

    Video of the 4 new brush sticks introduced @ NAMM 2020.