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  1. PorkPieGuy

    I guess I just don't like...

    My favorite snares are my Ludwig BB's, but I can see how they wouldn't be for everyone. I think it's sort of cool when people don't love the same gear that I do! I like hearing what other people like because it helps me to remain open minded. It would be boring if everyone had the same...
  2. PorkPieGuy

    Do people actually like the “ring” of metal snares?

    Sounds about right. I think it's just one of those things that if it bothers you, do something about it (and there are tons of options!). I know for me, I like a little bit of ring, but not too much. Is it worth spending the money on an expensive snare just to dampen it? It is for me. It's...
  3. PorkPieGuy

    Do people actually like the “ring” of metal snares?

    I played in a heavy rock band one time, and it sounded great! I play in a country band, I now use Snareweights. I think it just depends on the music you play.
  4. PorkPieGuy

    Do people actually like the “ring” of metal snares?

    Jeremy Taggart was a huge influence of mine back when I first started playing.
  5. PorkPieGuy

    Are my toms out of tune or is this just how they sound?

    Tighten the bottom heads a little and make sure that the head is in tune with itself and start there. If you play a lot and you are having a hard time tuning and it's been a while since you changed the bottom heads, I'd suggest doing so.
  6. PorkPieGuy

    List Black Friday drum gear + links?

    I just saw this from Forks:
  7. PorkPieGuy

    List Black Friday drum gear + links?

    I thought this may be a good to post links of places of good drum sales over the next couple of days. I know all of the big box places are having sales, but I thought it would be cool to place links here for our favorite independent shops. The one I can't wait for is Dennis's sale he's gonna...
  8. PorkPieGuy

    New Brooklyn’s….silver sealer?

    Sounds good to me! 🙂
  9. PorkPieGuy

    rdavidr Videos

    If I’ve learned anything from his videos is that modding drums and cymbals simply isn’t worth the time and energy for me. If I want a different sound out of a cymbal, I just need to go buy a different cymbal. I’m also jealous of some of the deals he finds. He’s always like, “I just found...
  10. PorkPieGuy

    New Brooklyn’s….silver sealer?

    You know it’s gonna be a good day whenever a moderator calls you a dingus. 😂
  11. PorkPieGuy

    Chasing recommendations for dark and dry hi hats

    For me, 16’s really weren’t that big of a jump for me, but I had been playing 15’s for a while. I wish you could go to a store to try some out just for size.
  12. PorkPieGuy

    Anyone tried the new speed king yet?

    Anyone tried one of these yet? I have a couple of DW 5000's and a 9000. Just curious as to how it compares. Thanks.
  13. PorkPieGuy

    Pearl Presidents Series

    They certainly are cool drums. I'm sure that the luan they use in those is a higher grade than their retro counterparts. I love the looks of them!
  14. PorkPieGuy

    New Brooklyn’s….silver sealer?

    Maybe I'm just a dingus, but even if there was no sonic difference, I'd still want the silver sealer just because.
  15. PorkPieGuy

    Chasing recommendations for dark and dry hi hats

    My 16’s are Epic hats. They are thin and buttery, and they feel really good to play. The only adjustment that can be a little weird is when I'm using a house kit somewhere and the hi hat stand's spring isn't terribly strong, then I have to make some adjustments. But besides this, they are...
  16. PorkPieGuy

    Drum gear you don't like the looks of but you like the sound of it

    I sort of like it. It’s really old school. I’m a sucker for vintage logos.
  17. PorkPieGuy

    Old man yells at cloud

    I always try to defend music gear by saying something like, "Well, they would probably sound good in a musical context." But no...they don't. I'm glad that player is happy with them though.
  18. PorkPieGuy

    New Brooklyn’s….silver sealer?

    I'm glad you kept them. I'm sure it's a fantastic drum set. If I had to give up Ludwig, I'm pretty sure that Gretsch USA would be next in line.
  19. PorkPieGuy

    Butt kicker anyone??

    Thanks for commenting on this. I also have to set up my full kit, mic everything, run my IEM system which includes hooking an ipad up wirelessly to the board (which can be problematic in of itself), etc. Also, when tearing down at dark-thirty in the morning, the less I have to throw in the...
  20. PorkPieGuy

    New Brooklyn’s….silver sealer?

    Awesome! Thanks!