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  1. bud7h4

    Color trends

    Wow, how were green and brown ever more popular than red (for cars) ? Seems off.
  2. bud7h4

    Deer hunting 2022

    Chuck Norris doesn't go hunting. Chuck Norris goes killing.
  3. bud7h4

    Deer hunting 2022

  4. bud7h4

    Are my toms out of tune or is this just how they sound?

    You can tune the top about as low as you want, but the resos need some tension. I agree with comments above regarding tuning too low overall; that low, thuddy sound comes from mixing for the most part.
  5. bud7h4

    hitting two crashes at the same time?

    Depends on the effect you want. I don't hit two crashes for more volume, I do it for the sound it makes, and different combinations give you different effects (obviously). It's a more complex sound than a single crash, so to me that translates as a more pronounced accent.
  6. bud7h4

    Do you feel that playing covers (only) limits development and/or personal satisfaction?

    Playing covers and creating music are not the same thing (obviously). If you're doing one exclusively, you aren't benefiting from doing the other, which is by nature limiting development. Regarding personal satisfaction, that's entirely subjective I guess.
  7. bud7h4

    Who uses 13" hats?

    For my aux hats I alternate between 13" A Custom and 14" K Custom Special Dry, depending on whether I'm using a bright or dark cymbal set.
  8. bud7h4

    Tom Preferences?

    I prefer the sound and feel of floor toms but I need a rack tom to compliment it. If I had to choose one, it would definitely be the floor tom(s).
  9. bud7h4

    Old man yells at cloud

    Sounds good to me on the main groove, but not when he gets busier. Those extra dry hats and cymbals need space. When you start whizzng and bangin' all over the kit it's just whssssssssshhhhhhhhh Pssssssssshhhhhhhhh.
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    How many Crashes?

  11. bud7h4

    Chicken or the Egg?

    No. We've "learned" so much yet every month we change what it is we "knew" based on what we "know" today. In the end all we have are educated guesses (theories). Funny how it's the laymen and hacks with our agendas and delusions claiming to "know", not the scientists or philosophers.
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    Chicken or the Egg?

    This is merely one idea which some have proposed could be possible. Nobody actually has the slightest idea which came first. Admitting that is a truer sign of intelligence and intellect than holding up someone else's mere suggestions and theories as fact. This goes for chicken and egg people...
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    Chicken or the Egg?

    Jeez, people. The age old question is referring to chickens and CHICKEN eggs. That's the whole point.
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    Question for those who've had COVID

    We have a box of at-home tests. I tested positive.
  15. bud7h4

    Question for those who've had COVID

    Once you realized you had it, how soon, if at all, did it start to get bad ? I began showing mild symptoms about 4 days ago. Fever, body aches lasted 2 days, then some minor congestion. Going on day 5 now and still just the light congestion. I'm wondering if this is already about to pass or is...
  16. bud7h4

    Love K Custom Dark Rides, but I need something more cutting

    Are you guys sure about the Sweets? Because they sound to me like they have less body than the KCD, which I would think means less projection or perceived volume.
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    In need of double pedal advice!

    In this video he's demonstrating ankle motion with no springs, but I imagine playing slower leg motion it would be more challenging working with just rebound this way.
  18. bud7h4

    In need of double pedal advice!

    Both methods are viable and in fact necessary, depending on the speed you're playing. I start using my ankles at about 160 BPM (16ths). Regarding leg motion, it's mostly calves for me, it just looks like "leg motion" because your legs are in fact going up and down. It's just like bouncing your...
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    Gretsch Renown & DW Performance: Why $$ Difference?

    The DW hate cult lol.
  20. bud7h4

    Gretsch Renown & DW Performance: Why $$ Difference?

    They're being manufactured by the same handful of people people making Collector's. Same hands, same machines, same wood, same hardware. That's a whole lot more significant than simply being made in America.