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  1. PorkPieGuy

    List Black Friday drum gear + links?

    I thought this may be a good to post links of places of good drum sales over the next couple of days. I know all of the big box places are having sales, but I thought it would be cool to place links here for our favorite independent shops. The one I can't wait for is Dennis's sale he's gonna...
  2. PorkPieGuy

    Anyone tried the new speed king yet?

    Anyone tried one of these yet? I have a couple of DW 5000's and a 9000. Just curious as to how it compares. Thanks.
  3. PorkPieGuy

    Most water-resistant soft case?

    What’s the most water resistant soft case that you know of? Thanks!
  4. PorkPieGuy

    Differences between a 3-ply 15" floor tom and 16" floor tom?

    Dumb question, but here goes: I may have a chance in the upcoming months to get a vintage Ludwig kit - 22, 13, 15. Is there any noticeable sonic differences between a 15" 3-ply floor tom and a 16 with all things being equal?
  5. PorkPieGuy

    Drum gear you don't like the looks of but you like the sound of it

    For me, I'm not too keen on the looks of single-headed toms, but I played a set of vintage Ludwig concert toms, and I loved the sound of them. They were so different than what I'm used to, but really cool. I like the sound of big, power toms too, but I don't like how you have to angle them...
  6. PorkPieGuy

    Anyone travel with a drum riser?

    I’ve been going back and forth for years as to whether or not to travel with a drum riser. If you do, what kind of riser do you use, and what do you haul it with? Thanks!
  7. PorkPieGuy

    Would this be stupid or genius?

    When I play out, I use a wired IEM system. Depending on which kit I'm using, I'm either using a Mackie 1204 or a Yamaha MG10XU. Both of these have four XLR/1/4" inputs. Channel one is for my metronome, and channel two is an XLR-in for my monitor. I get no ambient sound, but I will...
  8. PorkPieGuy

    I think there really is something to changing the bottom heads

    Edit: I just realized that I said that I'm using Diplomats over Ambassadors. My mistake! I'm using Emperors over Ambassadors!!! So sorry! Original post but I fixed the content. I changed out the batters in addition to the original reso heads on my Ludwig Classic Maple toms. The batters...
  9. PorkPieGuy

    Can "feel" be taught or does it more likely come from within?

    Played a festival this past weekend with several bands. As I was sitting around watching them, one band in particular had a fantastic drummer, but the fills and even some of the grooves didn't "fit" that music that great. The band was playing your average "bar band top 100" music. This led me...
  10. PorkPieGuy

    Sorry to beat a dead horse, but I had to…

    Happy Halloween!
  11. PorkPieGuy

    Big weekend in Nashville!

    Thank you DW, once again, for being my cheering section! We had the opportunity to play The Texas Troubadour in Nashville on Saturday night as a part of the JMA Fest this past weekend. We were invited to come play a set as a part of the Jose Music Awards, one of the biggest award shows for...
  12. PorkPieGuy

    New gigone drum rack/concept/kickstarter

    Disclaimer: I'm not a affiliated with this in any way. While I'm not sure that this solution is for me, it's an interesting concept. I thought it would be a good topic for discussion.
  13. PorkPieGuy

    Hidden Gem horror movies

    I love good horror movies, like ones that make you think a little or have such a big twist at the end. I just like good stories and good acting in movies that are sort of off the beaten path (usually Blumhouse and A24 movies): Creep - This one is such a sleeper! I've known people just like...
  14. PorkPieGuy

    Just a little Halloween fun.

  15. PorkPieGuy

    What a nightmare gig! (YouTube video)

    Playing with Vern Gosdin.
  16. PorkPieGuy

    What's the best piece of drumming advice you've ever received?

    To counteract the bad advice, how about good advice? Let's see...let's try to limit it two or three per person if possible! Think hard! :cool:
  17. PorkPieGuy

    What's the worst drumming advice you've ever received?

    I think I was maybe 8 years old, and I was in a local music store drooling over a drum set. I don't remember what color it was, but it had a sparkle wrap on it. A drummer who was older than me said, "NEVER buy a sparkle drum set. You'll get tired of the finish." I love sparkle finishes just...
  18. PorkPieGuy

    Ever changed your mind on a finish once you saw it in person?

    Did you ever see a picture of a finish and didn't like it, but you changed your mind when you saw it in person? For me, it was the Ludwig Mod Yellow and the Ludwig 110 anniversary kit with the diamonds. I didn't like the look of these, but when I saw them in person, I thought they were really...
  19. PorkPieGuy

    Music that doesn't stand the test of time for you

    I was a kid in the 80s and in my 20's in the 1990s. While there are some high points in music during that time, there is an absolute ton of garbage as well. It's so disappointing to see so much music that doesn't stand the test of time with me. There are elements of it that I love, but it's...
  20. PorkPieGuy

    Any weird or spooky drum/music-related stories out there?

    One time, I had a lead singer show up on time and actually helped load in gear. Scared me to death! (*Slaps knee and spits tobacco juice) Anyways, I thought this might be a fun one for October. Any weird, bizarre, or unexplained things happen to, from, or during a gig or practice?