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  1. bud7h4

    Question for those who've had COVID

    Once you realized you had it, how soon, if at all, did it start to get bad ? I began showing mild symptoms about 4 days ago. Fever, body aches lasted 2 days, then some minor congestion. Going on day 5 now and still just the light congestion. I'm wondering if this is already about to pass or is...
  2. bud7h4

    What's the earliest really well produced, high fidelity album you've heard?

    A couple off the top of my head, Nazareth - hair if the dog (1975) Rush - 2112 (1976) If I go back too far, even great sounding albums like Zeppelin "Four" and Boston's debut just didn't have enough bass or clarity in the kick. I would imagine there are some amazing sounding country albums...
  3. bud7h4

    What is Bun E Carlos doing here?

    What's he doing on the crashes at 2:26 on the lyric "gonna get on down"? Is he back-handing the right side crash on the 8th notes lol?
  4. bud7h4

    What three bands' music have you played the most on drums ?

    . . . . whether playing covers or playing to music? I've never played covers on drums, only guitar. But I spent my teens playing drums to records and CDs. The most-played bands for me: RUSH (by far the most) Van Halen Zeppelin Black Sabbath is up there too, but I'm pretty sure once I...
  5. bud7h4

    scheduling a package pick up with fedex and UPS

    Has anyone here scheduled a pick up without having some kind of membership or account with the carrier? I've always scheduled smaller pick ups with USPS during my normal mail delivery but this will be a set of drums, so it's either FedEx or UPS.
  6. bud7h4

    great. now my weak hand is also my wounded hand

    Not that big a deal, just sliced my thumb cleaning up a broken coffee mug. What an idiot lol. All I had to do was clean the mess and not make myself bleed. Apparently that was too complicated. I wasn't chewing gum or anything.
  7. bud7h4

    Considering a Prolite 12x5 maple snare

    What should I consider a good deal on a new one? A seller is accepting offers, currently listed at 650 USD.
  8. bud7h4

    JP Kaukonen (Circle of Contempt)

  9. bud7h4

    Breaking: second cowbell found in Black Sabbath - the wizard

    I was listening with headphones and I heard another cowbell besides the famous syncopated single cowbell which many including myself thought was the ONE cowbell in the song. Here's the other, played just before the first verse And of course, the famous one
  10. bud7h4

    I need pc speaker recommendations under $150 USD

    Music quality is top priority - crisp treble, no boxy midrange like most cheap speakers, and a sub capable of definition (not muddy) as well as ultra low sounds like bass drops, etc. I don't need studio monitor quality but I do like to listen to my music properly. Either 3.5 or USB, no bluetoof.
  11. bud7h4

    self taught?

    I started drumming at 10, in the late 70s, and quit at 19 to go on to play guitar for several years. It just occurred to me that during those nine years I was probably the quintessential self-taught drummer ; I never even met another drummer until I started playing guitar in my early twenties...
  12. bud7h4

    Drum fills - did you know . . . . .

    The more complex a fill is, the more boring it looks air-drummed.
  13. bud7h4

    Slowest shipping I've seen since pre-2K

    I'm just bored and feel like complaining. Ordered a Zildjian crash on the 22nd; apparently some guy is hauling it to me on his back. It shipped from WA on the 23. Tracking shows it going state to state, day by day (at least the guy's a fast runner.) Finally reached Dumas, Texas on the 26th. Then...
  14. bud7h4

    Tom mount (L-Rod) positioning vs sustain

    Why would a tom have less sustain mounted on an upright L-rod than on an inverted L-rod? Like this guy, my 10" tom loses a ton of sustain on an upright L-rod.
  15. bud7h4

    Listen to how tight . . . . .

    . . . . the drums and bass. are in this finale , on the very last note of the five 16th note triplets on the kick.
  16. bud7h4

    Harley Hertas

  17. bud7h4

    Boston the "band" . . . . not a band!

    I never knew the debut album (music) was all Tom Scholz. The band came later. It was recorded in his basement studio. I imagine most of that gear was designed or modded by Scholz as well.
  18. bud7h4

    general Tune-Bot question

    Disregard please, found the answer in the itty-bitty, teenie tiny manual.
  19. bud7h4

    Taller snare stands

    I need recommendations for a snare stand slightly taller than the usual max height of about 24-25" and I need at least 26", or 660mm. But I don't want one of those "extra tall" concert stands. Just a taller, regular stand. So far the tallest I've found is 25". Just barely too short. Edit: I'm...
  20. bud7h4

    Pair of cymbals delivered today LOL

    Delivery guaranteed in 3 days or less or your money back!