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  1. Morrisman

    Flood damage (not mine)

    Flooding north of Sydney the last week. Here is a photo someone posted of his waterlogged drum gear drying out. He was able to save the really valuable gear, but all of this pile was soaked..
  2. Morrisman

    My busiest drumming year ever!

    I’m seeing lots of posts about people having their first gig after lockdown, sometimes the first one in 18 months. Here in Australia our lockdown was very short, and gigs in my city restarted last August, albeit with restricted audience numbers, no dancing, less pay, etc. But what I’ve...
  3. Morrisman

    First gig since March today.

    My last gig was March 22. I’ve had 21 cancellations since then, and today was the first show in 17 weeks. Same 11-piece band, setlist and venue as the last show in March. Exactly 68 patrons were counted in to a normally 150 person venue, seated at tables in three distinct areas. No dancing -...
  4. Morrisman

    Any gigs cancelled due to the virus?

    Some festivals here in Australia are going ahead, others are cancelled. Varies from state to state. My daughter has just lost a lot of sound and production work due to events being cut, but my lowly bar gigs haven’t been affected yet. Just wondering if anyone else has lost any gigs due to COVID 19?
  5. Morrisman

    Fun songs and boring songs you’ve had to learn.

    I’m filling in for a 60/40 band next weekend and I’ll have to play a lot of ‘teen angel’ songs from the early 60’s. I’m not inspired - half the songs sound like ‘The Wanderer’ and ‘A fool such as I’. The other half all sound like ‘Dream Lover’ or ‘Save the last dance for me’. Not really my cup...
  6. Morrisman

    Zildjian plastic bags - a bad batch?

    My local drum shop told me last month that the reason I had to wait so long for some cymbals I had ordered was that a bad batch of the new gold coloured bags that the cymbals are packed in had chemically discoloured or corroded a whole shipment of cymbals, which had to be returned to the US for...
  7. Morrisman

    Heat wave (vs. playing ‘cold’)

    In the thread about playing cold, I mentioned the hot spell we’re having in Australia. Well today it was my city’s turn to be surrounded by bushfires. This photo was taken by a musician friend of ours as they fled their house this afternoon. They live in the leafy green Adelaide Hills, 40...
  8. Morrisman

    No Pearl distributor for Australia? Frustrating.

    A few weeks before Christmas I went to get a small hardware part and was told by the shop that they couldn’t get any stock for a month because the Pearl importer/distributor was changing. So now its February and the new distributor is still not up and running. The shop said to come back in...
  9. Morrisman

    Are all Remo Renaissance heads made in USA?

    We’ve just purchased a Pearl Philharmonic snare which came with Renaissance heads.We’re having some trouble settling the tuning. Someone said ‘those are the Taiwanese stock heads’. Which has us wondering. They are labelled Remo Renaissance, with tbe Crown logo, but no mention of ‘Made in ?’...
  10. Morrisman

    Finally sorted my catalina 14" floor tom

    I bought a second hand Gretsch club jazz kit six months ago to keep as the house kit in a pub where I play regularly. I tweaked the heads and tuning until I was happy with the sound of all the drums except the floor tom. Tried new heads top and bottom, single ply, twin ply, muffled, etc. but the...
  11. Morrisman

    Fly Like an Eagle (Steve Miller Band)

    Has anyone played this song. I've been asked to learn it for a gig in a couple of weeks. This isolated drum recording is great, but leaves me a bit baffled about where to put all the ghost strokes. I can play the basic groove(s) but nowhere as cool...
  12. Morrisman

    Lincoln Center Jazz Drummer job vacancy

    This is the most comprehensive job description I’ve ever seen! The jazz at Lincoln Centre orchestra directed by Winton Marsalis is seeking a new drummer. Here’s a small excerpt from the job description: Must exhibit knowledge in performance of small group Jazz...
  13. Morrisman

    Classic kits that sound... horrible.

    I’ve been doing sound at the local pub a few gigs per week lately, and commented recently how every band uses a tiny drum kit. Anyway, yesterday an old drummer brought in a traditional sized kit, a 1973 Rogers kit, 12 - 13 - 16 - 22 + a Dynasonic snare. These are rare in Australia, so I was...
  14. Morrisman

    Does anyone actually do gigs with large bass drums any more?

    I've been helping with sound at a local pub lately, and 6 out of 8 bands have had 18" bass drums, and 2 have been 20". Nothing larger than a 20 for a range of indie, pop, blues, jazz and Irish bands of 4 - 7 members, some of which are quite loud!. In my own bands I only play 18's or 20's too...
  15. Morrisman

    What's happened to cheap WMP kits?

    It seems that no-one is making small affordable kits in White or Vintage Marine Pearl any more. Two or three years ago there was the Gretsch Club Jazz or Classic, the Tama Silverstar Jazz, even the Premier Heritage Bop and Classic. Now they've all gone walnut, or fades, or sparkles. For me...
  16. Morrisman

    Generas or Dy heads on toms anyone?

    Generas or Dry heads on toms anyone? I've just put a Genera head, the one with the inbuilt O-ring, on my 14" floortom, and I'm liking the sound. I guess its similar to a coated P3, but looks cleaner without the black ring. Single ply tone and response, but without the 'boing'. I'm wondering if...
  17. Morrisman

    Tarnished/spotted bronze and brass snares

    I have a Pearl Phosphor Bronze snare I bought cheaply recently. It's around ten years old. Great sound, but the bronze finish has spots where the coating has worn and the bronze has tarnished. Someone near me is selling the Brass model, again at a cheap price, and again the surface is spotty...
  18. Morrisman

    My home made internal bass mic mount.

    Here is my home made internal bass drum mic system. The mic is an EV PL33 - I chose it because it's round and not too heavy, and I like the sound. The mic is held by a 2" radiator hose clamp. This gives an inch or so of front to back adjustment. The clamp can scratch the mic, so I wrapped...
  19. Morrisman

    Beatles - Come Together

    I'm playing this song for the first time on Sunday, and I've always thought of the first bar as starting with ten hihats (3 triplets + 1). But most transcriptions and Youtube lessons show it starting with two eights on cymbal+kick, then 4 hihats. The recording has both: drum kit plays 2 eighths...
  20. Morrisman

    Unusual wood/copper snare

    Here's a drum made by Paul Warry/Metro Drums in Aus from 16 plies of Jatoba, with a central ply of copper. Was made to order for someone's 40th birthday. (Not mine, I'm afraid). The 'writing' is leather inlaid into the centre section. Also has custom made aluminium lugs with copper inserts.