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  1. timmdrum

    Show off your bass drum head graphics

    Sorry if this has been done before on here- mods, please delete and point me to the other thread if it exists. :) As of this date, I like the one shown in @KEEF 's longtime avatar. Want. :D
  2. timmdrum

    snare strainers that clunk when closed (activated) all the way.

    Sorta mirroring @JimmyM 's hi hat thread... I'm not referring to the initial sound of snare wires quickly contacting the head- there's no getting around that- but an additional "clunk/thunk/hard click"/etc when the handle/lever is fully engaged, like it's "snapping" into place and making a 2nd...
  3. timmdrum

    Pleasant gear surprises - items that punch above their weight

    I've found myself using this phrase a lot lately. I think I (and a good number of you) have a bit of a knack for finding stuff that performs better than advertised/expected at its price (at any level)- some become commonly known (Acrolite), some not. Mine include: Pacific CX kit ('03 - this was...
  4. timmdrum

    Ludwig Acrolite Black Galaxy - just acquired

    So now I have one each of the gray & Black Galaxy Acros. I posted about the older gray one here and I just got a deal on this baby yesterday. Since I wanted one of these to play- not as a collector's item- and they sound identical to my ears, I suppose I don't need both, so I'm at the precipice...
  5. timmdrum

    parts for old snare drums / strainers that use screw-head screws instead of key-head screws are stupid

    So, I'm on a mini-mission to upgrade my 80s Acrolite to a strainer & butt that uses key head screws at the snare cord/tape point rather than screw heads. At 2112 in Raleigh recently, I found a no-name $5 generic butt plate with key-head screws rather than regular screws that, with a little...
  6. timmdrum

    Snare side hoops with guards...

    ...triple-flanged, like the Pearl SH-1410SG- do any of you out there in Drummerworld know if anyone else makes this ('cause this one is a bit pricey), and if anyone makes an 8 rod version? I have a couple of snares outfitted with Fat Cat snares with the adjustable middle wires, which I love, but...
  7. timmdrum

    Ludwig Acrolite student kit

    My latest acquisition: first Acrolite I've had my mitts on since high school in the late 80s- a friend gifted me her now-adult son's student kit. Sounds pretty good today, but needs a little TLC- new snare wires, some soapy water & aluminum foil to remove rust & chrome pitting on the rims, and...
  8. timmdrum

    Cheap cymbal bag recommendations, please

    Requirements: hi-hat/splash pouch, and at least a shoulder strap, if not backpack straps, in addition to grip handles. This is for schlepping practice kit cymbals to/from rehearsals/jams, not for my gig cymbals- I have a pretty nice Zildjian backpack bag for those. (I transport my own gear- I'd...
  9. timmdrum

    Oak stick manufacturers other than ProMark and Tama

    I've found a few that look cheap and have bad reviews. Any good quality ones out there? Also, I was surprised to learn that Tama is in the game. They even have several sig. models. Good for them. ✅
  10. timmdrum

    Weighted drumsticks / BD beaters for practice

    A current thread about changes to ProMark's offerings has me thinking about having to break a 25 year habit that's probably silly... So for about that length of time, I've played the 808 nylon model - great rebound, round tip aided consistency in tone, width between 5A and 5B. I get the same...
  11. timmdrum

    Some thoughts & questions on bass drums, BD heads, and micing

    (I know, fairly long post, but please read completely before replying. ?) Not a new topic, I realize, but I have some particular questions... So as I understand it, porting the resonant head decreases the amount of movement per strike from both heads, shortening the note and reducing beater...
  12. timmdrum

    NCAA basketball fans / March Madness, how's your brackets?

    My Tarheels just played a turd sandwich of a game. :confused:
  13. timmdrum

    Choices of metals for other instruments, compared to (mostly snare) drums

    Late night wandering thoughts... I'm curious- saxes (technically a woodwind due to the reed, despite being made of brass) and horns are mostly made of brass, with few exceptions (like the better-sounding-than-they-oughtta-be plastic trumpets & trombones), yet metal snare drums are made of brass...
  14. timmdrum

    A thought on reasons why isolation / RIMS-style mounts work as they do

    From another thread: My reply to a different comment in the same thread: This is precisely the long-standing impuetus for the design of RIMS mounts in the first place- the common thought (that I agree with) is that sometimes it's vibrational, i.e. there's a frequency "sink". I've experienced...
  15. timmdrum

    Threads showing in "Threads with your posts" that I didn't post in, and not watching

    How do I turn off alerts for certain threads?
  16. timmdrum

    For fans of Pacific/PDP - thoughts on 2021 offerings?

    I feel they're kinda lackluster so far this year, as to what they're offering, especially in the Concept Maple line- dull finishes that, to me, look like a drummer would look down, say "yeah, these are mine", and kick a rock. :confused:
  17. timmdrum

    New Tama Starclassic Performer line, maple/birch
  18. timmdrum

    Sonic properties of wood varieties (extention of a sidebar in the Ludwig Hepcat thread)

    Extending a sidebar from Apologies if this topic has already been discussed elsewhere here on Drummerworld. I'm wondering how accurate this is, that I was advised a long time ago by God...
  19. timmdrum

    Help with lug replacement for 1980 Tama 8055 Mastercraft steel 5x14 snare, Imperialstar on badge

    I have one of these, identified via, serial # 152237. (Per the 1981 catalog, the lugs were updated.) One of the lugs has both mount posts (is that what they're called?) broken completely off; the others are...
  20. timmdrum

    Mixing brands of toms and their suspension systems

    For those that use them, has anyone here mismatched stuff? For example, Pearl drums but with another company's RIMS-style suspension mounts, or Tama Star-cast, etc, or vice-versa, or something else entirely?