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    If you're handy with a soldering iron, why not build a few? CAPI's VP-312 kits (API 312 clone) are great for overheads, bass, vocals, etc. Especially, if you already have a 500-series rack. They include pretty much everything you need...
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    Kick drum mics

    No love for the Sennheiser 441? Or, the SM7B?
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    What equipment to use to mic my drums?

    ^^^^This! Depending on the room, sometimes just a kick mic is enough. Especially during rehearsals, IMO.
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    24" vs 26" bass drum, AKA "Useful vs a deep desire to 'just have'."

    I think it's all subjective. I've played everything from 20s to 26s over the years. I've come to realize I'd take a 20" over a 22" any day. And, I'd probably take a 26" over a 24" drum. The cool thing about a large drum like that is you don't have to tune it lower like you might a smaller drum...
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    What's the Best Do-Everything Paiste Ride Cymbal?

    When I think 'middle-of-the-road' Paiste rides, the first thing that comes to mind is the basic 20" 2002 ride. Used to have one a long time ago and it was very versatile. Good luck on your hunt! (y)
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    Wow, love those dark rides. Good stuff!
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    What is your “old relable” snare drum ?

    I'm not afraid to show affection for mine. I have a late 60s 8-lug and a limited edition 10-lug. Both great for different things. In fact, the newer one has gotten more use than any of the other snares that I have. Keep rockin' your Acro, if it works for you. (y)
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    What is your “old relable” snare drum ?

    Very cool! (y)
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    What is your “old relable” snare drum ?

    6.5" Acrolite Limited Edition. 10 lugs. Kind of like an Acro-phonic, if they made one. (y)
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    Very cool, congrats. (y) I have the 18" and 20" multis but I'm curious about the 19" multi. I wish they were easier to find in the drum shops in my area. I'd love to demo one.
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    Which Ludwig Snare should I get?

    Just saw this on Youtube and thought it might be a good fit for this thread:
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    Which Ludwig Snare should I get?

    I picked up a Limited Edition 6.5" Acrolite a few years ago on a lark. It's become my most used snare - looks and sounds great! (y)
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    China/Trash Cymbals - what for ?

    Used to have a 16" Wuhan I bought years ago for peanuts. Beat the hell out of it for several years and it sounded great. Wish I still had it... Might be a good call if you're short on cash and want something that actually sounds decent.
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    Zildjian or Paiste?

    When I was just starting out, my dad surprised me and bought me my first set of drums. Cymbals were expensive, so he didn't buy any. After a few weeks (and destroying the lids to all of my mom's pots), he finally decided to buy some cheap off-brand cymbals from the Sears catalog. I broke them...
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    This makes perfect sense. The 24" Alex Van Halen ride and the 24" Giant Beat multi are kinda' similar sounding to me. I happen to love the washiness but it's not everyone's cup of tea. Glad you're gonna' get the one you want. Let us know how it goes. (y)
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    Exclusive Guitar Center Drums

    The Hollywood GC drum department has become a joke. Fortunately, there's a Sam Ash drum shop next door that is actually staffed with drummers - pretty nice guys, too. It's become my fall back in case Pro Drum is out of stock on something I need.
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    Recording with one microphone

    That's what I used to think. But, nowadays, I'd rather focus on better results at the source than a nice board to plug everything into. If your drums and room are sorted, the right mics will contribute the most to getting a good sound. Also, it's good to keep in mind that the more mics you...
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    AFAIK, the 24" is only available in the multi.
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    I haven't played the 20" thin but I preferred the 18" multi to the 18" thin if that matters at all. FWIW, the 20" multi is probably my favorite of the entire GB line. It just sounds beautiful and is SO versatile. (y)
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    Paiste 2002 Big Beats?

    I played several a while back and thought they had a darker, 'smokier' tone than the Giant Beats. Very nice. The only (minor) thing that I didn't care for was how they felt under the stick. To me, they felt a bit more rigid than the 2002s and Giant Beats I compared them with. Anyone else...