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  1. danondrums

    Do all guitarists think Black Dog by LZ is random magical timing?

    I've yet to meet a guitarist that doesn't believe that there is actually a count going on in Black Dog by Led Zeppelin... Thoughts?
  2. danondrums

    Can anyone here read MRI's at all?

    This is a long shot, but I'm having a really hard time getting the information I need from my doctor team. Long story short, I was bitten by a dog last September. Have been to numerous doctors, the wait times are out of control (seeing a neurologist next on April 13.) I had an MRI and feel the...
  3. danondrums

    Your Favorite Self Concocted Stack

    Curious what everyone's favorite self-concocted stacks are. Pre-packaged stacks don't count! I had an 18" Oriental China Trash with a 17" A Custom that had a small crack in it that was simply awesome...
  4. danondrums

    Alternative to Apple/iTunes?

    Hi All - What music playing software do those use who don't use Apple/iTunes? I've had too many issues to keep going with this garbage platform any longer. Edit: Mandatory - Solution must be able to contain and manage MP3's and Wav files and store my library of music.
  5. danondrums

    Qello Concerts - Apple TV

    Has anyone else discovered the qello app on Apple TV? Thousands of concerts. Stuff (70’s Gadd), Zappa, Pat Metheny, Rush. Hair bands to metal to jazz. It’s really quite an amazing library of awesome video music performance.
  6. danondrums

    Soundbrenner Core Review - Anyone?

    I found a post for the Soundbrenner Pulse, but not one for the Core so here it is! Main concern for me is having something on me at all times when I'm playing music to monitor decibels to help keep the maximum safe volume going into my ears and knowing when I need to throw ear plugs in (and...
  7. danondrums

    Acoustic Treatments and Your Tracking/Recording/Mixing Room

    For the drummers here who do a lot of recording and have built up a recording/mixing room. Feel free to share your experiences and photos. I'm building up my room now and curious about ideas. I have a pretty nice budget available and am adding bass traps and acoustic panels to an 11'x12' room...
  8. danondrums

    Professional Habits that Should be a Part of Every Amateur/Semi-Pro Band

    Setlists... The thing I'm mostly jealous of really pro bands is that they have a set list and they stick to it. They don't deviate except on rare occasions and that's that. I've always had set lists, but often someone in the group gets cute and wants to switch it around based on how they feel...
  9. danondrums

    Tempo is of equal Importance to the Key

    In my opinion the tempo of each song a group plays should be written right on the set list and everyone in the group should be as committed to the tempo as they are the key. That's all!
  10. danondrums

    Rehearsing On Your Own/Play Alongs with Bad Tempo

    When the original song that you're learning in a cover band has bad meter, how do you approach? I like playing along to original recordings, but Pride and Joy for instance has some of the worst tempo of any professional song ever. I refuse to play along to it and instead set the metronome for...
  11. danondrums

    Best Drummers Gig Ever?

    For reasons I won't go into here, I've dug super deep into 1983-1990 Madonna catalog and I'm realizing that was probably the best gig for any drummer ever. Who else has thrown on the headphones and played along to this material? Really cool hi-hat patterns, driving rhythm section and people...
  12. danondrums

    Group Requires Mandatory Solo... Outro of You Don't Love Me by Allman Brothers

    A group I've joined requires everyone to take a solo, which is a little frightening. It's the outro of "You Don't Love Me" by the Allman Brothers. I have a few things to polish up and sort out, but this is the basic idea. Wish me luck.
  13. danondrums

    My Emperor turned into Pepperoni

    I haven't eaten all day and have been playing for hours. While staring at the word "emperor" on my tom-tom I actually started to read it as pepperoni. If this hasn't happened to you yet, I hope planting the seed will give you the same experience some day.
  14. danondrums

    Formula for how many snare drums you need

    N+1 Surely this has been covered already?
  15. danondrums

    How much thought do you put into what you play at a gig?

    After seeing the other thread about thinking about what we wear, what about we play at a gig? Is just about every note premeditated? Could your live performances be basically cut and pasted over each other and there's be no difference? Do you always play the same thing but without a whole...
  16. danondrums

    Reaction YouTube Videos

    These have to be the worst kind of click bait. Watch some random human being react to someone's favorite band or artist in their first (supposedly) exposure to said artist... I think I'll record my reaction to a reaction video. Would someone be willing to record their reaction to my reaction to...
  17. danondrums

    Tempometer with count in feature

    I’m not sure if this exists but what I’m looking for is: A device that detects current tempo that has the ability to have a lead in count. So, if a song is at 150bpm I want to start it at the tempo, and then when sound is detected it would switch to detecting the pulse and displaying. I’m...
  18. danondrums

    Hi Drummerworld!

    I’ve lurked here for a while... Maybe even have an old profile from 20 years ago, haha. I’ve owned drums and used them in public with bands at a mediocre (at best) level for the past 20 years while being constantly obsessed with them, but never enough time to practice at the super focused...