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  1. basset52

    Tunebot Studio

    I have one. I use it a lot. I record the settings so I can get to them very quickly when needed. I use it to experiment with tunings. I also use it on gigs to check and tune to the room and on a long gig to check after a couple of 45 min sets. Takes me a couple of mins in the break to do. The...
  2. basset52

    How do you tune your bass drum reso head?

    Rob Browns method for batter and Reso.
  3. basset52

    What's The Most Fun Gig You've Played Recently?

    50th Birthday party last Friday night. Small show of family and friends , about 40 all up. The bloke only contacted us last week desperate for some live music at his birthday party. He apparently had tried to get some other bands but found they were way too expensive for his budget . We are...
  4. basset52

    Back in the saddle (throne) again!

    Agreed, It's a really nice photo and a pleasure to look at.
  5. basset52

    Pets and drums

    I have a Basset Hound, whenever I play the drums or tune the drums, particularly the floor tom, she begins that hound howl and doesn't stop till I stop.
  6. basset52

    Chicago Drum Co

  7. basset52

    My new Tama Starclassic

    Very nice indeed!
  8. basset52

    Meeting Uncle Larry

    Thanks for posting, good , decent and kind people need to be acknowledged. Larry is obviously one of those.
  9. basset52

    Ludwig Black Beauty

    Its interesting - I was the same, had a Recoding Custom Brass 6.5 x 14 , it came with excellent reviews, but it didn't gel with me. Bought a 6.5 x 14 BB a couple of years later because of their reputation and always I wanted to have one. Same thing, tried all the heads and tunings but it was...
  10. basset52

    Chicago Drum Co

    Thanks - I've checked them out. They do sound exactly what I'm after. They get good reviews everywhere. Now to find one!
  11. basset52

    Chicago Drum Co

    I play classic rock and blues and considering buying a vintage wooden snare that will give me that look and feel. I have a couple of metal snares. I know, to an extent that any good snare can probably get to that sound. I ran across this company on a search. Their products seem to hit the mark...
  12. basset52

    Post your Tune-Bot settings

    I have 4 snares. My tuning is about the same as yours, the batters on 3 range from 296 to 310 and the reso's 370 to 390. The different heads and wires and drum characteristics give me different sounds . The exception is my 6 lug Ludwig Pioneer. It seems to favour a lower tuning - batter 270 and...
  13. basset52

    Virgil Donati

    Sound was a bit mucky for me - but thanks for posting. One of my fav drummers.
  14. basset52

    I did it. I put a DW logo on a PDP bass drum...

    I like it! What did the Beagle think of it?
  15. basset52

    Who’s to blame?

    Depends wether you can put up with the stress and the time consuming effort , and possibly no good outcome , for the principle . If yes, go for it. If not, forget it.
  16. basset52

    I don’t like teaching little kids.

    It seems a sensible decision and good on you for making it. It does not make you any less a person - in fact a more astute one IMV. As has been said her a few times - teaching is not for everyone. IMV children have a desire to learn new things - but they may not be the things the adults around...
  17. basset52

    New Drumhead Day! (Please Forgive, I am a Noob and This Stuff Excites Me)

    Great heads - Never tried them but I put some on my Classic Maples. Love them.
  18. basset52

    I don’t like teaching little kids.

    Teaching kids is stressful - ask any teacher. Do you have an option to quit - unless something changes you're probably not doing yourself or the kids any good. Teaching is not for everybody. Teachers do a 4 year degree to learn how to teach. We all think because we know the subject matter we...
  19. basset52

    Lug Splay on New Black Beauty Snare

    If it is as you say , and I have no reason to doubt you- it's not acceptable IMV. I suspect it can be fixed by a new hoop or lugs or both, but not your problem. New drum, premium price. It goes back.
  20. basset52

    I'm confused by Ludwig's snare lineup

    I have had a 14 x6.5 BB and have a 14 x 6.5 COA Supra ( which is terrific IMV), I also have an 80's 14 x 6.5 Bronze Supra - it's my go to snare. Just love it.