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  1. basset52

    Chicago Drum Co

    I play classic rock and blues and considering buying a vintage wooden snare that will give me that look and feel. I have a couple of metal snares. I know, to an extent that any good snare can probably get to that sound. I ran across this company on a search. Their products seem to hit the mark...
  2. basset52

    It's nice to hear!

    Since we put our band together a few years ago I have played without a fold back monitor. The 3 blokes out front have them but our system did not have enough for me. I relied on straining to hear through my ear plugs , watching carefully and winks , nods etc from the guitarists re significant...
  3. basset52

    Quieter drums

    We played at a local winery today. Outdoors in nice warm weather. I had not played outdoors before, so after seeking advice from this forum I tuned the toms up a bit and for maximum resonance. We played 4 sets of 30 - 40 mins each. The bass drum was the only drum miced. We are a guitar band ie...
  4. basset52

    S Hoops

    I want to get some S Hoops for my snare to try. They are almost impossible to get in Oz. Importing them from the US is really expensive. A bloke has offered me Slingerland hoops. I'm not at all familiar with these. A photo indicates they look the same as S Hoops. Are they?
  5. basset52

    Outdoor gigs - do you do anything different with your kit?

    Our band has a couple of outdoor gigs coming up. I've never played outside so I'm curious as to how others approach it in relation to tuning snare, toms, bass drum. Does the temperature matter as to the approach to your tuning ie hot/cold ? We only mic the bass drum.
  6. basset52

    Die cast hoop issue

    I bought a pair of die cast hoops ( Dixon) to fit on my Ludwig Black Beauty. Fitted the top one Ok, although I noticed compared to the triple flanged hoop it was a bit trickier to get the lugs in tune with themselves. I assume that was due to the greater rigidity of the hoop. However fitting...
  7. basset52

    Yamaha FP9 Footboard

    I'm considering buying a Yamaha FP9 single pedal. I can't find any info on how long the footboard is. I've checked threads on here and all the reviews online but can't find any info as such. I know its a bit longer that the "normal" shortboard size. I don't want a longboard pedal. The local shop...
  8. basset52

    Puresound Snare wires

    I bought a set of Puresound 14 " 20 strand Brass snare wires to try them. I notice the end plates are slightly angled so when they sit on the snare head the end of the wires sit slightly raised above the snare head. I note the info from Puresound says this is to prevent the snare wires choking ...
  9. basset52

    Evans EC Resonant v Evans Reso7 drum heads

    I'm interested in these. Has anyone tried both and can describe the sound differences.?. I've Googled and searched here but can't find any direct comparison. I know structurally the Reso7 is 7 mil one ply and the EC resonant is 10 mil with the rings.
  10. basset52

    Most recorded snare drums in modern music

    I often hear it said that the Ludwig LM 402 is "one" of the most recorded snare drums over the past few decades. Out of interest, what are the others?
  11. basset52

    Faulty head?

    I bought a coated 16" Remo Vintage Ambassador recently to try on my floor tom. The top looked normal ie flat and smooth, but when I turned it over and I looked at the underneath side it had wrinkles in what I assume is the 2nd ply. In your view Is this normal , or has the second ply become...
  12. basset52

    Places to take in live music in Boston and New York

    My wife and I are holidaying in the USA and Canada for 6 weeks in just over a weeks time. Amongst a lot of travelling we will have 3 nights in Boston and 4 nights in New York. Whilst we have travelled extensively in the USA previously we have never been to those cities. Given the opportunity we...
  13. basset52

    Advice on sourcing a Ludwig floor Tom

    I'm wanting to source a second hand 16" x 16" Ludwig Floor tom. I want to add some versatility to my 2012 Ludwig Club Dates. I have the 20, 12, 14 configuration. I was lucky enough earlier this year to find a 13 x 9 Ludwig Legacy rack tom in Australia that I had re wrapped ( Precision Drum Co...
  14. basset52

    Which to tune low, Which to tune medium to high

    Hi All, I have two snares, a Brady Jarrah Ply 6 1/2 x14 and a Yamaha Recording Custom Brass 6 1/2 x 14. I want to tune one low and one medium high. Can I have opinions on which one would be better tuned low and which one would be better tuned medium high and the reasoning behind your view. If in...
  15. basset52

    No of lugs on Gretsch RN2 13 x 9 Tom

    I have ordered a new 13" x 9" Tom to go with my RN2 Gretsch Renown kit. It will arrive in a few weeks. Looking at the Gretsch site I think my eyes tell me the 13" Tom has 6 lugs top and bottom rather than the 5 lugs on the 10" and 12 " toms. Can someone clarify this for me? It makes no...
  16. basset52

    cymbal choice for gig

    Our band is going to play a lengthy gig in the near future. It is a large hall. We haven't played there before or anything like it since we formed a couple of years ago. We have played 3 to 4 times in smaller venues and there was a backline kit provided all mic'ed up. The last time I played...
  17. basset52

    70 's Ludwig Supraphonic 14x5

    Hi All, I have an opportunity to get one of these at a good price. I've searched through the threads here and it seems they are an iconic snare. I've also noted they come with some issues ie the snare mechanism and sometimes some pitting on the shell. Are they iconic as such and is there other...
  18. basset52

    Bill Detamore - top bloke.

    A while ago a Pork Pie snare came up on Gumtree in my area ( your Craigslist) at a reasonable price. Knowing the Pork Pie reputation from this forum I quickly snapped it up as I wanted a good quality snare. The seller didn't have much info on it at the time. I finally got around to emailing...
  19. basset52

    Die Cast hoop slightly warped

    Hi All, I recently purchased a secondhand set of Tama starclassic birch/bubinga drums. I bought new heads for all the drums as the old ones were not in good nick. In the process of fitting the new heads I checked all the bearing edges and hoops. All OK except one of the diecast hoops on the 12"...
  20. basset52

    What did I learn

    Went to a pub last night with my wife. I chatted with with one of the house band members during their first set break. During the discussion I related how I was a drummer but hadn't played live for 40 years, got back into it 2 years ago when I retired and now jam with a few old buddies. A set...