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  1. notvinnie

    The Yamaha SD-016 snare drum

    Exactly. Play it. Instead, you've taken a file and drill to it.
  2. notvinnie

    The Yamaha SD-016 snare drum

    If you didn't like the way it sounded, you should have sold it to someone and then gotten a snare that you liked. There's nothing special about that shell other than the fact that the finish matches the rest of the set. And a Ludwig P-85? You gotta be kidding me. That would be the LAST strainer...
  3. notvinnie

    should i get a double bass pedal?

    No sir.
  4. notvinnie

    New tools

    Yes, Gadd used a maple bass drum with his Recording Customs. Fixing the bass drum dilemma was one of the main things they wanted to address with the newest line.
  5. notvinnie

    Who’s to blame?

    I had the hoop crack due to bad handling by UPS, and they ended up giving me something like $75 for it. I had to get the replacement hoop and then show them the receipt. In this case, it was a drum that I shipped to myself. The drums were in my apartment in Los Angeles, and I shipped them to my...
  6. notvinnie

    New tools

    This early line of Recording Custom drums aren't known for an enhanced low end at all. It's more of a defined, clarity of tone. The bass drums were notoriously weak sounding, unlike the latest iteration of Recording Customs which have rectified the problem. I have owned Recording Customs from...
  7. notvinnie

    Gear red flag.

    You're absolutely right. It's very odd, and clearly indicates inversely skewed priorities. Avoid.
  8. notvinnie

    Pearl P1030 Eliminator or Redline ?

    I tried the Eliminator Solo Black at NAMM last year. Amazing pedal, regardless of its price. Highly recommended.
  9. notvinnie

    Yamaha EAD10 Rec n Share

    In order to legally use someone else's composition in a video, you need to acquire what's known as a sync license from the copyright owner.
  10. notvinnie

    Are bop kits worth it?

    Get rid of that riser.
  11. notvinnie

    if you where to go back and change one thing in your life what would it be and why?

    You mean POLL, right? You forgot an option for ZERO hours.
  12. notvinnie

    When can you call yourself a drummer?

    Never. Because if and when you do, you'll get the inevitable reply: "Oh, my brother's friend plays drums. He can play Wipe Out." or "Oh cool! My dad used to play drums." or "That's great! I know the drummer who plays my church." Basically, most people don't understand or respect what it takes...
  13. notvinnie

    I'm gonna be a bebop jazz player.

    No, you're getting paid for performances. The music itself isn't earning what it used to/should be earning.
  14. notvinnie

    Pro Drummer advice

    1995 called and it wants its business cards back.
  15. notvinnie

    Pro Drummer advice

    First, invent a time machine. Then once it's working, transport him back to 1968.
  16. notvinnie

    I'm gonna be a bebop jazz player.

    All music is non-profit by design.
  17. notvinnie

    Pearl eliminator broken heels

    I think they've served you well for a long time. I would probably just get a new one.
  18. notvinnie

    Where can I practice on a makeshift drum kit?

    Have you searched for rehearsal spaces for bands near you? Most of them have drums and will rent a room to you for anywhere between $14 and $25 an hour. Sometimes you need to supply your own cymbals.
  19. notvinnie

    Best Double Bass Drum Pedal

    You're talking about technique, and physical abilities. I'm talking about music. Music requires rhythm, harmony and melody. What you call metal (for that matter, pretty much 90% of most "music" for the last 20 years) has the harmonic/melodic/rhythmic sophistication of a deaf 6-year old. If you...
  20. notvinnie

    Best Double Bass Drum Pedal

    That's my point. It should have evolved, not devolved.