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    My Guitar Center Experience

    Was an A. I was impressed with our local GC's service. Sold gear, cymbals / inexpensive drums, not an unfair offer, easy and peaceful. There will be a 22" EAK Zildjian ride showing up soon ... ;)
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    Oh My Virgin Ears!

    A bit of a left-turn/weird side of DW topic, For several years I've been having tinnitus, and blocking in my ears. The past few doctors visits I have forgotten to mention this, and a year or two ago the doctor mentioned that maybe I should have my ears flushed. I try sometimes at home and it...
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    Another Tuning Thread (What in Sam Hell...?) Does anyone use this snare drum tuning/muffling technique? I've heard about drummers loosening or tightening the bottom three lugs but I have not seen this.
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    There are many Ludwig Supra threads...

    ...but this one is mine. :) I've been looking at this drum for roughly two years, sitting on the shelf of a local music store, collecting dust. I'd call it a 7/10 for it's age, everything is original and working order. Pitting is pretty much average to slightly better than average. Very good...
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    Auditioning for a New Orleans jazz/funk/etc. band

    I'm wondering, from the bass player and band's POV, what they will be looking for and expecting to hear. I was thinking of asking for the standards we are doing and figuring it out from there. But I don't want to embarrass myself since it's been five years since playing with anyone. I know...
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    My First Ludwig Acrolite

    After reading so many cheerful threads of people picking up new and used gear, I picked up this drum for one hundred. Good to very good condition, I believe it's an early 90's. Thoughts/opinions? I've spent a half hour or so tuning it through the different pitches and notes, but with the...
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    Buddy Rich's Best Interview Part 1 of 4 Stumbled upon this a while back and wanted to share. Do you feel as though this is Buddy's "best" interview? It's definitely interesting and quite candid.
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    Tony "Thunder" Smith, and a Solo

    I don't think I've heard his name mentioned on this forum independently. As an offshoot of the Billy Cobham thread, Tony is not a "big name" for most drummers compared to BC. Tony played in a similar way; very ambidextrous and free, perhaps even more so than Billy Cobham. He was Jan Hammer's...
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    Valedictorian Speaks Out Against Schooling

    This young woman, although not a great speaker per se, put together a great speech. Ten minutes of relevant and important points in America, especially for the younger generation as well positions of "authority"! Bravo.
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    One book which changed your life

    I made this thread with a little inspiration from the "pre-destiny" thread. There have been many influential books and essays which changed my outlook of society and in general "life"; it was Daniel Quinn's "Ishmael" which caught my attention and forced me closely examine how we've been...
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    Drum Identification

    Any ideas? They're listed for $100. Owner says they don't appear to be Yamaha..
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    Camco Oaklawn era kit is that a fair price w/out snare, minus knowing of any blemishes/wear/missing hardware? Any thoughts or opinions appreciated. Thanks!
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    Practice (not so much technique)

    So ten years ago I tried to re-invent my style of playing, from more of the rock/metal variety to more diverse and well, musical. From around 2008 to 2012 I spent a great deal of time working on co-ordination and improvisational skill on the drum-set. I was pretty terrible prior to that and...
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    Another Vintage Ludwig Kit...

    Hey all, Long time lurker and basically first-time poster. Thanks for reading! I have this Ludwig 5pc drum kit I purchased in the late 1980s. The badges range from Leedy&Ludwig (bass, floor tom) , Serial #'d Ludwig tom-toms (mid 60s?) and the snare is WFL. It's in decent shape, though...