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  1. notvinnie

    Gibraltar Docking Station

    I like it!
  2. notvinnie


    1982 GRETSCH USA CUSTOM DRUMS OK: here we go;. I'm retiring and closing my business "Paul Jamieson Studio Drum Rentals" North Hollywood, CA USA that I opened in 1975.
  3. notvinnie

    Drummers you hope to see perform live

    Drummers who have passed that I wished I could have seen live: John Bonham Keith Moon Buddy Rich Drummers currently active that I hope to see perform in the future: Adam Nussbaum Manu Katché Joey Baron Drummers I've seen live in the past, but it's been a while and I need to see them again...
  4. notvinnie

    Eliminator Solo (Black Cam) This pedal is absolutely perfect.
  5. notvinnie

    Need to sell a few copies of an old Album of mine

    These days no one seems to be interested in CDs anymore. I recorded this album back in 2005 and managed to sell a few on, but I just got word today that they have too many copies in stock. Unless I pay to have the excess shipped back to me, they will throw them away. I'd rather try...
  6. notvinnie

    Jazz Martyrs live

    Shot some video of my band's show this past weekend.
  7. notvinnie

    Not all drums sound the same

    When a cymbal manufacturer finishes making a cymbal, the last thing they do (usually) is compare it to a "master" cymbal. This is a way of making sure that the cymbal sounds "right", and as close to its designated "model" as possible. When it comes to drums, this doesn't happen. A drum is...