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  1. donzo74

    Chester Thompson Interview

    I've always enjoyed Chester's playing and Zappa's One Size Fits All is one of my absolute favorite albums. I had the pleasure of seeing Chester in clinic. I was in high school but couldn't drive yet and my friend's dad who was also a drummer took us, so I think it was around 88 or 89. I remember...
  2. donzo74

    Gene Krupa

    It's so funny that you should say this! Gene was my grandmother's favorite, too! My grandma and grandpa told me a story that my grandpa was working security at a venue called "The Mosque" in Richmond, VA. It's still there and has changed names many times since and goes by the corporate sponsored...
  3. donzo74

    Ludwig discontinues Bronze Supraphonics?

    So THAT'S what it is! I have a 14x6.5 Hammered Bronze Supra w/ Imp lugs and there is a dark outline on the shell around the rubber gaskets. I pulled a lug and gasket off and tried to polish it off with NevrDull, but no dice. It is still one of my favorites despite the blemishes.
  4. donzo74

    Your first drumkit - MY first drumkit

    Yamaha Power Road - Garnet Red - Christmas '87
  5. donzo74

    what snare is this?

    That's tough, so blurry. Looks like a Pearl throw off and possibly Masters bridge lugs, so could be a 14x5.5 Pearl Masters or MCX...
  6. donzo74

    Yamaha Snare Date

    Yeah, seems like the dashes are a bit inconsistent. I'd go with the Oct 2000 date. The gold plating looks like it's in really good shape, too, so it looks like you've taken good care of it over the last 19 years!
  7. donzo74

    Yamaha Snare Date

    Likewise! The serial # dating thing just always struck me as a fun aspect of Yamaha drums, and Ludwigs to an extent, although I own less of them. This is all anecdotal but it comes from the sets in the family that I have access to serials for I have a shell bank of MCA's ranging from July '99...
  8. donzo74

    Yamaha Snare Date

    Two letter prefix is possible after 1990. My brother has a Maple Custom Absolute snare, 14x6.5. His serial # starts with QZ, so we said it's from Dec 2000. Easier with his drum because it could only be from 2000 since they didn't exist in 90. His whole MCA kit has 2 digit serials except the BD...
  9. donzo74

    Yamaha Snare Date

    Was it already that dark brown when you first got it or was it a lighter, pinkish color? It takes several years for that vintage finish to mature to that dark of a brown. If it was already that dark, it could already have been about 10 years old.
  10. donzo74

    Yamaha Snare Date

    I agree. The only ambiguity is in the Q. It could be Oct of 1990 if the OP had this drum prior to 2000, it could be a 90's drum. The plot thickens...
  11. donzo74

    Why does my 1990s Yamaha Recording Custom 8x8 YESS tom have a 1980s serial #?

    With this drum, the badges and YESS mount are the dead giveaway that this is a late 90's drum. An 80's drum would have the mount bolted flush to the shell and a hole going all the way through the shell. Plus, the vent would be in one badge and the other badge would have a cutout for the vent...
  12. donzo74

    Why does my 1990s Yamaha Recording Custom 8x8 YESS tom have a 1980s serial #?

    I've had Tour Customs, Recording Customs, MCA, BCA and RTC sets and lots of snares from the mid-80's through mid-2000's and I have found that the Yamaha serial number code works for dating all of those lines.
  13. donzo74

    Why does my 1990s Yamaha Recording Custom 8x8 YESS tom have a 1980s serial #?

    Just because it has a 2 letter prefix serial number doesn't mean it's from the 80's. I have Absolute toms from '01 with a 2 digit prefix. You have to take it in the context of when the models were made, the features, the badges, etc. For your drum, "N" is the year, so that would be '97, which...
  14. donzo74

    I don’t know which one I like better!

    Nice find! I have the double chain version of this pedal. The bent plate is nice if your playing on an uneven floor or over a transition between carpet and floor or a seam between two pieces of a riser. The pedal will always rest on the spot under the heel plate and not on a high spot somewhere...
  15. donzo74

    What's your latest purchase?

    I have a set of these with the long, high-tension lugs. They are 6ply, 7.5mm thick 100% birch shells. Mine are Sequoia Red with clear lacquer inside. They are loud drums and project well. They are on the heavy side with the long lugs and thick shells but they are very well built and sturdy.
  16. donzo74

    Cymbal Set Ups-do you go High/Low or Low/High?

    I set mine up Low/High, as well. I'm right handed and use 2 crashes. My main is a 17" and that would go on my left to right of the HH and the left of the rack tom. I want both hands to have the best access to that one for rolls and chokes. My 16" secondary crash is to the right of the ride and...
  17. donzo74

    Show off your Yamahas!

    Cool man, I'm fairly new myself. Sweet kits! Tour Customs have always been one of my favorite lines (had a black set back in the day) and I love the 1 up, 2 down black Club Customs. Thanks for posting!
  18. donzo74

    Show off your Yamahas!

    I see you had a "Hold my beer..." moment while reading this thread. Awesome collection man! Those RC's...?
  19. donzo74

    Looking at the future...

    Yes, one of my bands has lost almost all shows due to venues closing, sadly permanently, and the remaining places canceling us and going with smaller solo, duo or trio acts. No bookings for that group until November. Another group I played in has folded because we had a few bookings, one this...
  20. donzo74

    What ultimately made you decide on the brand of drums you play?

    Yamaha is well known for making quality, professional-grade products and great sounding instruments and they are my favorite drums for many reasons. My first set was a Yamaha Power Road in '87. Entry-level, but still could be made to sound good. I marched in H.S. and a couple of years in college...