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  1. flamateurhour

    Drum Production

    In order to keep content rolling one of my bands made the decision to spend the winter bouncing tracks back and forth and going fully remote with our songwriting process. We were already pretty psychedelic to begin with, so we agreed to just "go for it" and make some really weird tones and song...
  2. flamateurhour

    Final session before I sell the ol' Ludwigs

    Selling the ol' Frankensteined together Ludwig kit I've been gigging on for years to a friend of mine. Before he made the offer, I threw together a little demo video to help with the sale... which I ended up not using because he made the offer so fast. Despite the mic's set up, the audio is...
  3. flamateurhour

    Doing my best to channel Levon Helm

    Got to sing one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite bands on my birthday this year. Thought you all might enjoy it. The camera cut out briefly in case you're wondering why a line of the 2nd chorus is gone. The Band - "Ophelia" RIP Levon Helm
  4. flamateurhour

    Is it an innie or an outie?

    Found this crystal clear shot on Reverb. Is this the playing side or underside of this cymbal?
  5. flamateurhour

    Hand Technique Thread

    I've spent the last couple of years bouncing back and forth between different technique schools of thought and have reached a point where I'm absolutely dazzled by the broad range of approaches to employing motion on the drumstick. I've studied through a good portion of Bill Bachman's Hands...
  6. flamateurhour

    My band's NPR Tiny Desk Contest submission (multi-shot/quarantine style)

    It only took about 3 weeks of running recording gear to multiple members of the bands, teaching them how to use said gear via Zoom, teaching ourselves how to mix, and also doing our best to line up 8 musician's tracks and personal interpretations of feel on the song. I'm stoked how this turned...
  7. flamateurhour

    Including photos of pages from prominent drum exercise/method books in Youtube videos?

    Hi all, Working on developing an instructional YT series. I'd love to use Ted Reed's Syncopation throughout and was curious if any of you have run into issues with displaying images of the contents of the pages? I started working on rhythm exercises to gradually introduce new rhythmic...
  8. flamateurhour

    Earthquake during my practice tonight

    Was about an hour into playing to some Zeppelin through the headphones tonight. Feeling great, super focused and enjoying myself. I've been trying to really nail the feel of "Whole Lotta Love", and was in the zone with my eyes closed. After the big Jimmy Page solo (after the bongo break) I felt...
  9. flamateurhour

    This virus made me fall in love with drums again.

    This is an incredibly stressful time for me, I'll throw that out there right off the bat. Finances are tight to the point where I'm losing sleep, and my city is one of the lowest ranked in the nation as far as outbreak preparedness goes. To top that off, I was on seasonal layoff for most of the...
  10. flamateurhour

    Jobs for gigging musicians?

    I unfortunately had to part ways with my fencing job that I've had for the last two years. The split was on good terms but my boss cited my constant time off as a major catalyst in the decision to not bring me on for the new season. As I re-enter the job hunt, I was just wondering if there...
  11. flamateurhour

    (Another) Live video of one of my projects!

    Hope I'm not driving you guys crazy posting links all over the place. I put in some crazy work over the last few years and finally have some footage and recordings coming from playing in 4 projects and damn near losing my mind (I also build fences 5 days a week). I was fortunate enough to work...
  12. flamateurhour

    Live footage of my (other) band "Rider & Rolling Thunder"

    About a year and a half ago my close friend Rider Soran from the Boise, Idaho music scene hit me up about drumming a pseudo country/southern rock solo project. The plan was to put together a setlist, gig on it, and then travel down to Muscle Shoals and record a debut full length. Instead of...
  13. flamateurhour

    How did you guys do it in the 70's??

    Equal parts comedic relief and genuine curiosity here. My band usually goes for some sort of 70's paisley/pattern getup for our bigger concerts. This has usually meant slacks/vintage button ups, but for my gig tonight I decided to bust out a 2-piece vintage high-waist suit with bell bottom...
  14. flamateurhour

    Different bearing edges for batter/resonant?

    A couple of years ago I picked up a set vintage Ludwigs. They were beautiful, but were pretty choked, and the bearing edges had been beat up a fair amount. Fortunately I had access to a routing table, and with zero intent on ever selling the kit, decided to put them under the blade (or over...
  15. flamateurhour

    Finally released my first music video!

    My band Lounge on Fire just released our first music video titled "All Night" I know it's not technically a video of my playing, but we worked very hard on it and I couldn't wait to share it with ya'll. Sorry if it's not totally school appropriate 😬
  16. flamateurhour

    In search of a specific drum wrap

    I absolutely fell in love with a drum wrap that seems to (almost) exclusively show up on a limited run of Gretsch Broadkaster and Brooklyn series stuff. Because I already have a vintage Ludwig 3-ply kit, I don't feel a strong pull towards purchasing something comparably close, so spending...
  17. flamateurhour

    Recording Percussion

    I just got done tracking percussion on my band's new album. I was reminded of how much I love that part in the process. I usually get a kick out of setting up a percussion station and attempt to track multiple instruments at once rather than layer each one on at a time. What are some of your...
  18. flamateurhour

    Re-introducing myself - Hello from Boise, Idaho

    Hey ya'll! Just made a new account because of some problems with the email address linked to my previous account (Flamateur_Hour). I'm a drummer from Boise, Idaho. I'm 28, but have actually been with you lots ince I was about 13 or so, either as a lurker or under previous usernames. I've...