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    Johnny's DW kit!!!

    Holy Sh!t! I can't believe I haven't been in here since '15! Nice to be back. I've just had 5 years of a whole lot of other stuff going on like starting my own business, etc. Well...Mjolnir is still around and considering what's happening lately with this virus I have more time to play so I...
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    West Coast Drum Shops

    Can anyone recommend any reputable WEST COAST drum shops to order from much like Memphis Drum or Drum Center of Portsmouth? (I'd like to stay away from Sam Ash & Guitar Center.) I'm looking for somewhere that I can call with great customer service as I'm looking to buy a new snare soon. Thanks!
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    I figured we could all share our great local talent (whether we are a part of it or not) in this thread. It's always great to give recognition and support local bands. These bands hail out of Las Vegas, NV. Enjoy and SHARE! Sin City Sinners...
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    The guitar player is my cousin. He recently played a gig titled "Shred Fest III" here in Vegas. The drummer is slammin' and this singer kicks ass too!!! These dudes have BALLS!!! Highway to Hell: Fire: Ain't Talkin' About Love...
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    Johnny's DW kit!!!

    I just got this today after months of waiting. I love it!!! Introducing my DW kit, nicknamed "Mojlnir" aka Thor's Hammer! 18x26 bass, 9x13 rack tom, 12x14 & 14x16 floor toms, Tama 6.5x13 snare. More pics to come very soon as I'm still setting up and tuning.
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    007 Tribute

    I played drums on this 007 James Bond tribute theme. Hope ya enjoy it!!! I recorded it about 10 years ago.