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    Pearl H150S Hihat Stand Question

    Thanks all for reviving this thread. I have to try again!
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    Reflexx Pad & New Drumeo Quietpad

    If I thought I’d use Drumeo Edge regularly, it’d be a no-brainer. But I know I won’t.
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    Reflexx Pad & New Drumeo Quietpad

    Thank you. I think both replies are probably correct. And given what I’m looking for in the Reflexx, the Quietpad wouldn’t be a substitute. Plus it requires the subscription to Drumeo Edge.
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    Reflexx Pad & New Drumeo Quietpad

    Kind of two-part question... Anyone know when Reflexx pads typically become available? They've been sold out for a couple of months now. Also, I saw the new Drumeo Quietpad announcement and read-up on it a little. There's no indication as to who is manufacturing it for them but the...
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    What line of Dream ride this is?

    Definitely Energy
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    Tama "the Classic" Anyone?

    Good feeling pedal. Adjusts very easily (and intuitively). Light weight. MUCH cheaper than the Rogers pedal it seems to be copying. I got it because I was having trouble with the riser for my 18" bass drum. Using this I no longer need the riser and it still feels very good. No issues with...
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    Recommend some drummers that are not yet on drummerworld

    Bob Siebenberg (aka Bob C. Benberg) of Supertramp.
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    How do you sleep after a rehearsal or show?

    Typically I sleep horribly after rehearsal or a gig. HOWEVER, if I used earplugs during the gig, it helps a ton. That's me, at least. We're all different.
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    Planning on buying a Roc-N-Soc

    I love my Roc N Soc Nitro. Used to have the standard threaded version and loved it. Now I have the hydraulic version (Nitro) and I love it even more - it has a bit of bounce which adds to the comfort.
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    Help choosing best most comfortable drum throne/stool

    Gibraltar is an underrated/underappreciated hardware company. They companies making the drums have an edge in marketing but don't ever rule out Gibraltar hardware.
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    Why do you play Zildjian?

    I have no brand loyalty with cymbals - or nearly anything drum-wise. To me, Zildjian is a top producer of high-quality cymbals. But there are a few companies like that. As far as variety of sounds, all the major manufacturers have a huge variety. I used to think, back in the 80s and 90s...
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    best seamless aluminum snare?

    Between Acro and Supra I prefer the sound of the Supra. To me it has a bit more ring to it making it, to me, more versatile (since that can be muffled out). Having said that, I just got the Sakae and am extremely impressed on first impressions. They're $250 on Reverb now - I had a feeling it...
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    INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

    Real name Dave Age 47 How long have you been playing 25-ish yrs Origin of user name Seinfeld/Importer-Exporter/Marine Biologist Your top 5 drummers Jeff Porcaro, John Bonham, Steve Gadd, Glenn Kotche, Terry Bozzio - this will change frequently Make of drumkit Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute, Yamaha...
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    Seat Height - You just never know

    I feel a little constrained I guess. I'm using my ankles more too - even playing heel up. I haven't yet played with the band so I don't really have a sense of whether I've lost any power from the bass drum but I'd think it's probably not a big deal since most of my power tended to come more...
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    Seat Height - You just never know

    Thought I'd share this very recent experience and see if others have had something similar. For the past 10-15 years, I've sat fairly high compared to most other drummers. I always felt like I wanted to get my legs extended without pushing everything further away and I like the feeling of my...