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    Not working in pathology but at a uni where we teach it to students (ironically we were taking a tour of the Gold Coast path lab when Tom Hanks was admitted). As for those reducing the spread, that's certainly not the government at this point. Not only do they refuse to close the schools and...
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    Sorry, the lab tech in me had to say something :) Please check out the "Adopt a health-worker" group on Facebook if you're having issues with looking after kids/ family support or whatever. You guys will be hailed as absolute heroes by the time...
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    Stole this from one of many ICU docs in Australia saying the same thing over and over (and still falling on deaf ears): ICU Beds are the Prize. There are 2000 in Australia, most of them always full anyway. 10% of all cases in Italy (similar age demographics as Australia) required ICU...
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    Not to be nit-picky but it's 80% ethanol for maximium effectiveness these days (who knows- it will probably go back to 70% in a years time). The Viraclean in our labs has started to go missing funnily enough too...
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    Thinking about triggering my kick

    Absolutely right- which is why this only applies to death metal/ blast beats so your bass drums don't sound like a lawn mower.
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    Thinking about triggering my kick

    The simple answer is peoples' general ignorance of them or that it's "cheating" or whatever. Look at the novel this guy wrote on getting a good bass drum sound when doing blasts. So you're at at gig- you need to set up and get the sound you want quickly. Would you rather go through all these...
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    Seasoned drummer transitioning from acoustic to e kit to practicing.

    I know right- Rosewood is about the only decent tom sound on the Roland TD10 :)
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    Why don't many Pro Drummers use Electric Drums?

    Yeah, me too pardner- back in mah day we didn't need no new-fangled gadgets, we just done hit them calf-skins stretched over a tin bucket and I don't remember no-one complainin'!! Yee-Haww!!!
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    Seasoned drummer transitioning from acoustic to e kit to practicing.

    Not many negatives for me (except for the learning curve of how to wrangle with modules/ triggers, etc). Go for an A2E setup if you want to keep that acoustic aesthetic though (that way you can at least feel like you're still behind an acoustic set).
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    Dream Kit progress.

    Good luck finding Artstars and Granstars too (hopefully they're a bit easier to find in Europe)!
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    One foot out the door

    Just a thought (if you really don't want to start playing the bass drum with your left foot) but maybe triggers can help? There's plenty of products out there where you can place the trigger underneath the bass drum pedal (you don't even need a beater) so you don't need to generate much power...
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    What are you doing today as a drummer?

    Trolling ebay/ reverb and obsessing over which kit to buy (as usual) 🤔
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    Getting fired from the band

    Well said mate- couldn't agree more. The whole "everything happens for a reason" chestnut really annoys me as well- it's just something we say when something moderately bad happens (ie didn't get that job/ went through a break-up/ fired from a band).
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    Saving edits on the Alesis D4

    Just another tip: You might want to have the module plugged in and turned on while you replace the lithium battery in order to save any edits you've already made otherwise it may default back to factory pre-sets. I had to do this with a Roland TD-10 and managed to keep everything saved (be...
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    Jazz to some people...

    Haha- no disrespect meant to Mr Bender of course :) If he was from Timbuktu I could maybe understand it but I can tell you we get bombarded with Ms Swift 24/7 here in Oz so I can only imagine what her coverage is like in the US of A!