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    Do you feel that playing covers (only) limits development and/or personal satisfaction?

    To the OP, it's not for me to tell you what you get out of either, but for me, technical accomplishment is just for my own self-satisfaction of learning. When I get in front of an audience, the taste to exhibit chops in... well, tasty places is just as important as the chops. They don't care...
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    How many Crashes?

    I want to hear one of these in person, even better if I get to try it out.
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    How many Crashes? the setup, at a time? 2, and a splash, little china, and medium china, and I crash on the ride as well (a suitable crash sound is a requirement for the ride cymbal for me).
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    Is Premier back?

    The silver sparkle Genista Maple caught my eye.
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    Is Premier back?

    I hope Gear4Music does a better job with Premier than Brook Mays did with Rogers. 😬
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    Stick Companies.......The Big 4 (3) and..................

    Same here, but the shoulder. (Nylon tips) I haven't broken a stick since 1992.
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    Taye Gokit drums

    What's still in business domestically, that might have a phone number? Are they communicating only via email/text?
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    Have to cross sticks for high hat/snare?

    I use the aforementioned Bill Berry position/technique (seeing that was my inspiration for solving this exact dilemma at the beginning of my kit playing), except that I don't move my right arm out of the way for snare strikes. I play German (palms down) grip, which naturally has my sticks...
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    Something weird is going on with my bass drum batter head.

    I know it's not a solution to the mystery, but if it keeps rotating at the tension you prefer, you could duct tape the heads's hoop to the BD hoop on the underside (3-4 inches, horizontally around the hoops) where it'd be unseen, just to keep it from rotating.
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    Major: Gretsch, Ludwig, Tama Boutique: N&C, Pork Pie, Spaun At what point does a boutique cross the line to major, i.e. DW?
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    Smallest and largest stages/venues you've played

    I don't have pics, but, smallest, period- in a bar room in a bowling alley on Hillsborough St. in Raleigh NC, it was basically a small drum riser. Even some of my stands were on the floor, off the "stage". Smallest, that a full band still fit on- probably O'Rocks in Greenville NC- had a wooden...
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    What's your latest purchase?

    I was gonna ask you about the cheapo snare. :LOL:
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    Stick Companies.......The Big 4 (3) and..................

    Promark still has me peeved that they discontinued my two favorite sticks- four different models (707 and 808, both in nylon tip, hickory and oak versions). I've been playing them for nearly 30 years. I can find close models in hickory at a couple of different brands, but no oak. :confused:
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    What's your latest purchase?

    A typo, I imagine. :)
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    Stage Layout

    Sidebar: is the website design (behind the front page) intentionally 1997-ish or just hasn't been updated in forever? Either way, keep it, I love it! 😁