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    Identifying Pacific Drum-kit!

    The original CX/MX/LX maple and FS birch kits were made in Mexico. I don't know when manufacturing shifted to Tiawan. At some point it all shifted to China (by the time of the X7 and M5 models, I think).
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    Starting to put together a new band

    OHMYGOD I've been saying this to window-licker guitarists for 25 years, who have no logical answer, yet don't change anything!
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    Don't Wear Your Favorite Watch While Drumming

    I have several old watches (nothing expensive) in a drawer somewhere, but I haven't worn one literally since the first day I had a cell phone, in 2003. Previous to that, I'd wear a watch while playing, and as I did and do occasionally smack myself on a finger, I never missed so badly that I've...
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    Thoughts on playing with a light touch

    I concur- the music style and the room (which should be a match anyway, if whoever booked the show did his/her job correctly) dictate this. A drum, especially a snare drum, hit quietly and then turned up to the necessary volume in the PA, will not have the same tone as a snare drum hit...
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    Crazy pic of 5-piece kit's components laid out.

    ...or pet, and a bunch of those tiny parts fall into that vent on the left...! :oops:😵‍💫
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    Collectable accessories

    What accessories would be considered valuable (relative to it's original cost)? The original Ching Ring of whatever brand/model Bonham used? A certain cowbell? How about this lil' guy? What others? I suppose stands would fall in this category also.
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    Flying tom from Tama Classic flat base stand?

    This should be 100% unnecessary- the tom (or any other secondary item) should be centered over one of the legs, resulting in there not being an opposite leg at all- just like with your tom and Sonor stand in your next post.
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    Did a gig on some Roland V-Drums!

    ...or of having 20 lugs on it. :unsure:
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    DrummerWorld member rankings?

    I'm at 2,035 and still Silver. I guess the gears are a little rickety. :LOL:
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    To port or not to port

    I use a Kelly Shu but don't want to do the XLR thing, plus sometimes the mic mount needs adjusting (low frequency rumble loosens the... um, round washer-nut that tightens the mic into position), so I port the front head. Acoustically, I prefer unported, and if I ever get a decent mic mount to...
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    Song Suggestions Needed

    Top notch. 💯
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    What's your latest purchase?

    Stumbled into a deal for a better kit than the Ddrum I recently posted, to use as a beater; no wrap to bubble from temp/humidity fluctuations. Pacific/PDP M5 (practically identical to the LX series from several years prior).
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    Pacific/PDP - tom lug for CX/LX/MX/M5 series

    Anyone have a few for sale, or laying around and you'd like to just unload them for the cost of shipping? 😁
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    Biggest hits that actually ARE one of the bands best songs (IMO)

    I like all those but I'd vote for Hourglass.
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    What’s the update on Yamaha?

    Maybe it was true in 2016 and not in 2023.