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    Reverse Order of Mounted Toms?

    When you see a typical set in the store with two toms above the bass drum in the "normal" way, it is not a rule, it is a suggestion. You can really put anything anywhere that it will fit. I'm right handed, and if I find myself behind a 5 piece with a large bass drum, I will absolutely have the...
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    Has Covid ended my career?

    Ah yes Morrisman, South Australia. Your recovery curve is a bit ahead of ours here in Hawai'i, but this is one of the safest American States. I don't know, I am reluctant to return to group exercise or dancing, or large gatherings, but I feel safer in public than I did last month. I have not...
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    Has Covid ended my career?

    And now they are saying that even that, in an air conditioned indoor space, for prolonged periods, is no good. Especially when it involves blowing horns or singing. Is there any way you can take it all outdoors?
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    Sticks keep hitting together

    Without seeing it I will just suggest moving the hats back, the snare forward and make a height difference of at least 8 inches.
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    Has Covid ended my career?

    As a drummer who is also a ballroom dancer, I can agree. I do not see any social dancing as being a reasonable risk for many months, even if I only dance with my wife. Partner dancing is on hold all over the world. I honestly can't picture any gig, indoors or out where everyone stays in their...
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    I am bored by music that others love, and vice versa. That's the beauty of having different people in the world, and different styles of drumming out there.
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    Wrong end of the telescope?

    In a small room with reflections, you will hear a mix of sound from above, below etc., On stage, your sound from the throne will be very different from front of house. If you are currently on lockdown or are not working generally, and playing at home for yourself only, focus on what you hear in...
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    GoPro test ,drums.

    Nice drums, nice cymbals, great tuning, great playing, good recording. As others have said, put the camera in a still place and you can produce brilliant video.
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    Remo vs Evans

    I use Remo Coated Ambassadors, and when I finish, I clean off the stick marks with a Magic Eraser, because I am crazy. They seem to take it well and look like new again. Maybe I just have lucky heads. No coating has come away so far. I doubt I could pass the blindfold test when comparing...
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    Brand New SpeedCobra Issues

    Tama would not expect a customer to have to service or repair a new pedal. Exchange it for another new one!
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    Is Garageband good for creating music?

    I know Garageband is limited but it is easy (and free). I went to DaVinci Resolve in order to collaborate with someone but I found that very difficult. A lot of unresolvable issues for something called Resolve. Perhaps with patience I could have resolved the Resolve issues, but I just went back...
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    Tuition in Northumberland

    I started in Northumberland, then suddenly it changed to North Tyneside. Whitley Bay didn't move, but the address did.
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    What drumming advice would you give to a younger you?

    I would tell the much younger me that I was hitting too hard, gripping too tight, tuning all wrong, playing the wrong kit, setting it up wrong, and working in a less than ideal genre for my own tastes. Worse than all of that, I was too big-headed to take advice or lessons. I did everything wrong...
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    Rack tom flatness and "step up" height from snare

    Nice solution for the deep red kit Keyholio.
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    I Followed Bo's Advice...

    If you take off your reso heads, the nut boxes rattle. You cannot do that in a recording studio unless you tape up the lower nut boxes. You have to be out in front of the kit to appreciate the benefit of reso heads. You might get nice sounding concert toms from your throne, but they sound flat...