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    Promark stick length

    I didn't notice the "learn more" tab until you pointed it out. Right side of screen. The info is there. What a weird, overly done, crappy design.
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    Promark stick length

    Wow. What a response. Great work.
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    Promark stick length

    Yes, exactly. The sticks are fine. Just the website...huge turn off. I get flaccid looking at it.
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    Promark stick length

    Eagerly awaiting the response. Good work!
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    Promark stick length

    Hey that's my thread! Haha Whatever Promark/D'addario has done to their site, suntracting the specific dimensions, is completely ludicrous and frustrating as a Promark consumer. Complete nonsense.
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    Promark website

    What is D'addario doing?
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    Promark website

    It's confusing. Why make it less specific and more vague?
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    Promark website

    Why has Promark using vague spec listings formost of the stick on the website? For example, looking at a classic 5B. It says.. Size: 5B Length: 15" - 16“ What does that even mean? I know the diameter of a classic 5B is .590, but what about the other sticks? Why is the length listed as a...
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    Drum sets on Music Row, Nashville

    Music Row is not the location of the honky tonks/bars. Music Row is where the studios and record labels reside Broadway (or lower broadway) is made up of bars, music, Bridgestone Arena, etc I know it doesn't seem to make sense, but that's the story.
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    Wanting to give Paiste cymbals a try. Where should I start?

    Dark Energy, 602 Classic/Modern Essentials, Masters ride cymbals. Maybe some Giant Beats, too. You're welcome.
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    Another stupid Black Beauty question

    I was fooling around on the Ludwig website. I noticed that the black beauties are fitted with 2.3 mm hoops. I thought they were fitted with 1.6s, like the Supra. How long have 2.3s been on the BB? Always? The last few years?
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    Any word on the new Yamaha stuff, yet?

    I'm waiting. Will it be a new version of the Recording Custom?
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    Gretsch Brooklyn COB or Pearl SE?

    I'm buying a brass snare. 6.5x14. I have good deals lined up for the Gretsch Brooklyn COB and the Pearl SE brass. I like the features on both of them. I've read good things about both of them here. Guys, which one would you choose?
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    Paiste 602 ME

    I was able to use a 22' ME ride today. What a cymbal! How many of you have purchased or used the Modern Essentials? I'd love to hear the board's thoughts on these cymbals. Chime in when you can.
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    Heuer Drums

    Chris Heuer is making new kits for some guy named Vinnie. Vinnie has a link on his website now, replacing the Ludwig link. This was foreshadowed on another board.