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    Arthur Hnatek (Tigran Hamasyan, Erik Truffaz's drummer)

    Yeah, he is a great player for sure. The latest Tigran Hamasyan album is intense!
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    Drummer software

    I just did a bunch of notation with a pretty massive setup like you are describing. It can be done in Finale (I'm using the full version) through the score editor. Not easy or free, but possible!
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    Modern Drummer article out this month

    Hi Drummerworld folks! Hope everyone is well. I want to share some stuff from this month's issue of Modern Drummer. This time around I am dissecting Ronald Bruner's playing. I took on transcribing this intro to Scott Kinsey's Shinjuku along with a lot of other cool stuff from his career. Check...
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    Drum Notation Software

    This is Apple's Logic. It is mainly considered a digital audio workstation (similar to Pro Tools). The notation is happening in the MIDI piano roll. These notes were most likely programmed in MIDI, as you can see in the upper window. The song is on it's own track and lined up with the MIDI...
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    "New" ludwig throw off

    I recently installed the p88ac on my Supraphonic. Really solid strainer!
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    Tony Allen

    Tony is so important to me as a player. I’m very sad to hear this news. So much depth and heart in his playing. A real treasure to the world of music he was. I highly recommend checking this new record out:
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    Deantoni Parks is a true pioneer

    I love Deantoni's playing! First heard him with KUDU and then Meshell Ndegeocello. Incredibly innovative player. Thanks for the links.
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    How do the DCI snare guys practice?

    I played tenors in a couple of DCI drum corps. Here in the states, a lot of high schools have programs that can sort of get someone started in that direction. My high school had a really small drumline, but I got to put a lot of time in every day working on hands. Before I graduated, we got a...
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    How do most enthusiasts view this guy?

    Love this record: Listened to it so many times!
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    Randy Waldman charts

    The actual charts are on Randy's site, and are not in the transcription book, FYI. And yes, the play-alongs are embedded in the eBook that is offered on the external site.
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    Randy Waldman charts

    Right on, just grabbed these. Thank you for the heads up, and cool playing :cool:
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    Modern Drummer article out this month

    Here is some talk of the piece on Nate Wood's drumming on the MD podcast. They included some of the audio examples from the stuff that I transcribed in the article. Very proud of this one...
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    Simpler Way to Play SSD5 with Roland Drums

    Not sure about SSD5, but Toontrack stuff includes a standalone software called Toontrack Solo for just playing the Virtual instrument. Maybe try MainStage of you are on a Mac. Good luck!