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    Recommendation for Zildjian or Sabian "ping style ride"

    Hi all - I'm looking for a ride with great stick definition and a strong bell. I'm not interested in crashing. I have an A Ping ride already, but looking for something that is a bit less bright. Thanks for the suggestions!!
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    Meinl hihats that are similar to Zildjian K Sweet hats or K Light hats

    Hi all - Anyone know what Meinl series hats are similar to K Sweets or K Lights? I currently have the Benny Greb Sand Hats, but don't like them as much. I love the Benny Greb crashes and ride, just the hats don't work for me. I was thinking that Meinl stuff similar to K Sweets or K lights might...
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    Roland TD-17KV-S thoughts

    I'm left handed too, so this will be interesting. I used to have a TD-25 a while back and was able to flip it all around and get it to work, but it was annoying as it came all built for a righty.
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    Roland TD-17KV-S thoughts

    Hi all - For those of you who have experience with this kit, any reason not to buy it or something you really dislike? Don't worry about why I want this kit vs. another or what I'm using it for. Just want fellow drummers with different (or similar who knows) tastes and needs to share their...
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    Tuning question (simple question, don't worry)

    That is what I'm trying to learn too, so we're both on the quest!! I know the "musical formulas", but I don't fully know the physics as to why it works that way. If someone here knows the physics that would be swell. It has to do with the different rate of vibrations of the different heads and...
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    Tuning question (simple question, don't worry)

    I think my ultimate goal is pretty clear. Each drum has a fundamental note that you can tune to based on how you tune the batter and reso. If you want a drum to sound like a 2nd octave A on the piano, you tune the reso to A on the 3rd octave of the piano and the batter to piano 3rd octave E...
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    Are mahogany/poplar shells versatile?

    Hi all - I'm interested in the opinions of those of you who own a mahogany/poplar kit regarding versatility. I've never owned one or played one, but really like the sounds I hear on youtube videos. Are those shells all purpose? I've heard from people that they're a one trick pony, but not sure...
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    DW wood for shells

    No a specific sound as it is my "second" kit if you will. I just don't want it to sound identical to the Maple/Spruce one I have. I don't like the sound of pure maple. But I do like maple/mahogany and the contemporary classics from videos I've seen on youtube.
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    DW wood for shells

    Nice kit!!
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    Zildjian New Beats

    I’ve got new NewBeats and Meinl Byzance Vintage Sand Hats. I really like both and each work nicely in many situations but they do sound very different. I’m not sure what kind of music you play, I’m a rock guy and the New Beats to me sound like what I hear on records (granted I have no idea what...
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    DW wood for shells

    Hi all - I currently have a Maple/Spruce shell and am looking for a second kit for the practice space. I’m debating between Maple/Mahogany or Contemporary Classic. I’m somewhat scared of doing a Maple/Mahogany because it would sound very similar to the Maple/Spruce kit, but the Mahognay/Poplar...
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    Gavin Harrison here!

    Thank you Gavin!!! I appreciate all the help and replies in this forum. You are a role model of a drummer and person!! See you at the show!! Jorge
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    Difference between Ludwig's Vintage Black Oyster and Black Oyster Pearl

    Hi all - Curios as to what the difference is between those finishes. In pictures they look the same to me, but I've haven't seen them in person. Thanks all for the comments!!
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    For those of you who tune to notes....question

    Ok, so it is basically the same was as I tune with the reso higher just upside down. I was doing a perfect forth for some reason which made the tom sound strange. I actually like the call to post tuning even on the big toms, it doesn't sound too high to me but it is on the higher side. My...