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    What's the most difficult instrument you've ever tried to learn or play?

    Guitar for me. I bought one 20 years ago and never really got past the tuning. I have very small hands that just couldn't stretch that much. It does look cool sitting on a stand. Drums on the other hand were much easier for me to pick up and get better at.
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    Roland TD-17KV-S thoughts

    the mount for the module is off to the right side on the back and so it is not possible to mount it on the right side of the stand and be able to see it. A definite design fail!
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    Roland TD-17KV-S thoughts

    It would depend on what you are wanting to do with the kit. I bought one for practice and I really like it. Only thing I had an issue with was that I'm left-handed and when setting it up in the left-handed config, the module has a weird way of mounting and it didn't work out well. I had to...
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    Sheet music The guy who runs this site posts videos along with his transcriptions and he has a vast library of songs. It is a yearly subscription service but I find it useful.
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    Learning more songs @ 80% or fewer at 95%

    I have worked through lots of songs, but I probably can't play each one perfectly. I move on quickly as I hear something and I want to learn it. Moving on helps me learn new concepts. I don't play in a band so this is all just for my enjoyment.
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    If you had to learn drums all over again what would you do differently?

    learned to play the bass drum without burying the beater
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    On what albums do you think every single song is excellent?

    Appetite For Destruction - GnR Ten - Pearl Jam Vs - Pearl Jam
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    Qello Concerts - Apple TV

    I saw this recently but the $11.99 price tag is too much for something I'll watch occasionally. I might just do a 7 day free trial and watch a couple of things I saw on there that I really wanted to watch.
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    Bluetooth headphones with electric drums?

    I have a pair of Sony WH-1000XM3 wireless headphones. I use them wirelessly for watching TV, listening to music, and when I play my acoustic kit to listen to the songs I play along to. The sound quality is great and the noise-canceling feature works well, however, when I play my Roland TD17, I...
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    Beginner in need of suggestions for an electronic kit.

    I tried out both the Roland and Alesis kits and really felt the Roland ones were of better quality. I found a TD-17KV on eBay, it was open box, for right at $1000. It looked like it had never been used. I am left-handed and have it setup in the lefty config and I have a double bass pedal. I...
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    Alternative to Apple/iTunes?

    I use Plex at home. I run a Plex server on a Mac mini with a NAS. I have all of my music, movies, and TV shows. It is available remotely and has iOS and Apple TV apps. It is free to use, but you get some better features by paying for a Plex Pass membership.
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    Anyone sell stuff on Reverb?

    I've sold stuff on Reverb and eBay and yes it can be frustrating to figure out how to price the item with shipping so you make at least some money. I also try locally first using Facebook Marketplace.
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    Right handed left footed

    Watch one of Drums The Word's Rob's video on You Tube. He is right-handed and left-footed and look at the way he has his kit setup. He moves the high hats to the right side kinda in the middle of his kit.
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    2020 Scam Potential

    I've been seeing this posted and was wondering if it really is a legit thing to worry about. I know my checks (not that I write that many anymore) already have the first "20" printed on them so this is not an issue and I assume once most legal documents have already been dated and signed and...
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    Software for rewinding and looping songs

    I use Anytune on my Mac