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    Am I the only one who thinks bass drums should be at least 22"?

    I’m of opposite opinion: I prefer 16”, 18”, and 20” bass drums. Anything bigger than 20” I do not like—makes tom placement a nightmare.
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    Kits you owned that disappointed you

    Hmm—this description has got me thinking if an Oriollo aluminum kit is the way to go forward. The consistency of a seamless metal shell that sounds good versus the unpredictability of wood.
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    New Rogers Covington full kit

    For $4300 I could get a Tama Star Maple in a wide variety of lacquer finishes. With infinitely superior hardware. Or, since Bill Detamore of Pork Pie is customizing and completing the build on the Rogers shells, I would just as soon as buy a Pork Pie custom kit in a custom finish, for under...
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    Any other owners of Canopus NV60s here?

    That’s fascinating to learn! How did you find out that Bernie makes the shells for Canopus? Canopus cuts their own bearing edges, though, right?
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    “New” Tama 12x16 Bass Drums

    Well, Tama pretty much is doing that: the Starclassic birch/walnut shells in any of the SC b/w finishes!
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    “New” Tama 12x16 Bass Drums

    Wasn’t too small for Elvin. Even Buddy Rich loved Elvin’s 16” kick.
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    “New” Tama 12x16 Bass Drums

    Being offered in Star series drums and Starclassic Maple and Starclassic Walnut/Birch:
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    Pork Pie Solid/Steambent Rosewood arrived!

    Haven’t listened yet but finish is fantastic. Bill always does great work on his drums and finishes.
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    Chick Corea Video on Roy Haynes Cymbal

    Chick just posted this on YouTube the other day:
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    Gretsch Renown

    Nolly at gave the Renowns super high marks, and his review team is honest and critical.
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    Cobham's yellow kit

    That china to his left looks like it’s 34” or something.
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    Pearl drums

    Ask Bo Eder: he plays Pearl and likes their drums. I wonder the same thing. Pearl has great hardware and great features on the pro-level drums, but, honestly, I always walk away after hearing a Pearl kit and think, “generic sounding.” Now that could be due to bad tuning in demo videos, but I’m...
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    Pearl Reference with wood hoops

    Well, Ludwig is kind of trying to do it now with the ability to change edges on the Classic Maple kits.
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    Pearl Reference with wood hoops

    Yeah, I noticed on Carter McLean's demo of his 6 or 7-piece Classic Maple kit, he's changed the edges. The 10" tom has double 45/45, 12-13 toms have standard 45, and I think the larger floor tom and bass drum have rounded edges (very similar to Pearl's Ref recipe).
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    INDe ResoArmor Kits

    Let me preface this post by saying that I do not intend for this question to be a criticism of Josh's work at INDe at all; it is more about me trying to figure out budgeting questions and market value (especially when thinking about unpredictable future times). Josh has increased his offering...