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    An interesting quote from William F. Ludwig, Jr.

    I completely agree with what WFL Jr quoted . I have owned kits with all sorts of different ply layups , woods , hoops etc and the differences in sound are minimal at best . Head changes make more of a difference to the sound than the shell wood type or makeup .
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    Gold plated shell

    These Paiste kits were not gold plated . The shells were made from recycled Paiste cymbals . Ludwig commissioned Adrian Kirchler to make the 100th Anniversary Gold Triumphal reissues and these weee gold plated . Very expensive and eve plan was to sell 100 of these . I was told they only sold 37...
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    Ordered My New DW Set Today

    Looks like a great kit Bob sod you get any special grain orientation like VLT ? I love those Cherry/Mahogany kits DW sells .
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    Anyone done buying gear here?

    I am getting very close to being done . I had my big purge during the pandemic . Went back to my roots with a Gretsch and Ludwig kit . I have all the snares I want . I have a Tama kit on order that SHOULD be my final drum set . I am done with cymbal purchases for the most part as well .
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    What does a Ludwig Monroe Badge mean?

    I love the new cast Keystone badge .
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    3 things to remember before every gig.

    1) Check and double check your gear to ensure you have everything 2) Leave early enough that you get to the venue first to set up ( bandmates will leave you no room if you don’t) . You also get to relax for a bit before the gig 3) Water and Advil - do both before the gig - you will be...
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    Your'e first 2 or 3 lesson books

    Pictured are the three books I started with . My first teacher has me using the Max Abrams book - he was British and this was a book he started all his students with . Not sure it is still in print . Next up was the great book Stick Control by George Stone - I still use this hook to this day ...
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    Are Birch Drums the Best for Indoor Acoustics?

    I take the statement about any drums being better for particular rooms with a grain of salt . I have been playing gigs for over 50 years . I have played in all kinds of rooms with drum sets made from all kinds of shell ply layups . I think heads, bearing edges make even more of a difference in...
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    The Black Beauty on records

    Hal Blaine definitely was pictured using a 400 for most of the pics I have seen of him .
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    In the case of my personal drum set , I would say No as the mounts are fine . I have had a number of sets with the INDe Mounts and they are excellent and do exactly as advertised.
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    I had not attached the memory lock in these pictures . I have it on now. Sharp eye Joeseph .
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