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    A couple of rare snare drums

    I got it because I've been playing a lot of outdoor gigs, and I feel like I was having to play my Pearl Masters a little to hard. I wanted something I could "play" as opposed to just hit, you know? Ghost notes can get lost on it when we are outside. I know we have mics and whatnot, but the PB...
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    Why does everyone make fun of Lars?

    I commend those guys on their success, especially in that genre. I've simply never cared for their music, never owned any, and probably never will.
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    A couple of rare snare drums

    I went ahead and put a coated ambassador on the batter. I tried new snare wires and a new head on the bottom, but I ended up putting the old one back on. Upon thinking about it, I'm pretty sure it was the "upgraded" PureSound wires that were giving me problems. I wrote about it here...
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    A couple of rare snare drums

    I was curious as to why mine didn't have a badge. This explains a lot!
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    What got you HOOKED on drums?

    My brother started a band when he was in middle school. The drummer left his kit at our house and told me I could play it whenever I wanted. I got hooked at age 8, and h I went down and practiced every spare minute I got. Got pretty good in a short while. Band broke up, there went the drum...
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    Drum Kits under 1k

    I don't think any of the sets mentioned is really head and shoulders above the other. I'd look to see if any of them come with a decent snare and/or hardware. To me, that would almost be the breaking point. Here are my experiences with each: I heard a terrific set of Catalinas last year...
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    Snare wires help.

    I'm not a huge fan of PureSound snare wires. Wish I was because I've got an almost-new set in my basement that don't sound good on any snare I own.
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    A couple of rare snare drums

    Legend drums weren't around for very long. I think they were put out by a pre-Gretsch Kaman. Here's a drum thread on them: I may consider die cast hoops on them just for kicks if I can find some for cheap. I...
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    What constitutes being a "fanboy"?

    I go through seasons of what I like. I went through a long period of only playing Pork Pie USA drums. Now, I play Ludwig USA and cheap Pearls as my beater. I used to love Zildjian A Customs, but now I pretty much only play Heartbeat. Heck man, even my tastes in microphones and PA gear...
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    A couple of rare snare drums

    I’d like to get one of those big fat snare drums for it just to see what it’s like.
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    A couple of rare snare drums

    It’s a thin shell that’s flanged. It’s still pretty heavy though.
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    A couple of rare snare drums

    It sounds good. I wanted a snare that sounds good at outdoor gigs, a snare that I wouldn't have to "press into" as much as my Pearl Masters snare for outdoor/louder shows. I think it does a pretty good job! I like how it has a nice volume, is sensitive enough for ghost notes, but also warm...
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    A couple of rare snare drums

    I've written about my Legend, but I thought the story and pics are pretty cool, so here goes: So, a good friend of mine with whom I work let me borrow a rare, out-of-production Legend phosphor bronze snare drum. I play it, and I really like it. After a couple of attempts to buy it off of him...
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    Are you still playing the same brand drums as your first real set?

    Nope. First drum set - Tama Rockstar My kit of choice now - Ludwig classic maple Snares - I go with my Pearl Masters for indoor gigs and my Legend phosphor bronze for outdoor gigs. First cymbals - A mix of Sabian and Zildjian Now - Heartbeat all the way around
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    Regarding drum damage.

    The only thing that I'll add is some drum wrap is easier to remove than others should you choose to rewrap at some point. Some drums only glue at the seam, and others glue all the way around. As stated by others, just have this facing you at gigs and you should be fine. I wouldn't worry too...