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    If you had to choose between your favourite wood and metal snare

    Sounds like I have to keep them both and sell that kidney!
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    If you had to choose between your favourite wood and metal snare

    I’ve been through loads of top end snares in my 40 years of drumming - Dunnetts, Brady’s, Craviotto and beyond - and landed on two: Yamaha Maple Hybrid 14” x 6” (which also matches my YMH kit) and the 2020 Ludwig Bronze Beauty 14” x 6.5”. Now, in this Covid-19 era money is tight and I’m only a...
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    Tama Speedcobra vs Dyna-sync

    Never heard it put like this before, but I felt sort of the same thing.
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    Tama Speedcobra vs Dyna-sync

    I got some some Bones bearings off eBay, but a quick google search on best skateboard bearings throws up loads of info.They made the pedal a lot smoother and faster, but I have a relatively old IC. The newer Tama pedals might not see as much improvement.
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    Tama Speedcobra vs Dyna-sync

    With the disclaimer that this is all hugely subjective... I’ve played an Iron Cobra Rolling glide pedal for decades (with the bearings swapped out for ceramic skate bearings - big difference). But I’ve always wanted it to be a touch lighter and wondered if I could get more dexterity on a...
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    Yamaha Maple Hybrid tuning problems

    I have my 12" at exactly the same pitch - the 10" a semitone higher so it's an octave above my 14" floor (which is where I want it - but your tone sounds better). My bot is coming today so really curious. Something I noticed is that the 10" sounds better off the stand. Not just when I'm holding...
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    Single braced VS. Double braced cymbal stands

    I have my 22” Sabian HHX Legacy heavy ride on a DW flat based boom stand and can crash it without any problems. I’ve never come close to knocking a stand over but hit pretty hard. I’m not really into macho hardware.
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    Yamaha Maple Hybrid tuning problems

    I’ve got a tunebot coming so hopefully that will help. I have a matching hybrid snare and it tunes effortlessly, so I’ve no idea why the toms seem so difficult. Thanks for everyone's thoughts.
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    Yamaha Maple Hybrid tuning problems

    Hi - I've been through very many kits in my 50 years, and this is the only one I haven't been able to dial in pretty effortlessly. I don't know if it's that I can't start from finger tightness as the lug system (with plastic inserts) always has resistance so the tension rod to spin down to...
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    Ludwig Bronze Beauty 2020

    Hi - there isn’t much info out there on these, but I’ve seen some for sale and love the idea of it. Evidently they are limited edition. Does anyone know more about them and has anyone tried them? Thoughts? Thanks!
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    Sonor Protean 8 stand Snare Wires - has anyone tried them?

    Hi - I've always wanted fewer snare wires to get more drum sound. I've destroyed many wires trying to cut them down : ) These 8 strand wires look great, but are expensive! So I wondered if anyone has experience of them and the different characteristics of the different configurations (8 in a...
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    Trade 2019 Gretsch USA Custom for 2018 Yamaha Absolute Hybrid Maple?

    I’ve been through so many kits and these are my favourite two. (I wish I could have the sound of the Yamaha with the look of the Gretsch : ) It sounds like you should hold out for Gretsch’s in the right sizes.
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    Ever regret selling something?

    Great thread! If I could get back my 18” Crash of Doom and 20” Zildjian Constantinople Hi-Bell ride I’d be happy.
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    Any opinions on 20" Powerstroke coated - better with or without CS dot?

    I've never tried CS dot, but I believe they bring out a bit more bass frequencies. Does anyone have any experience? THANKS!
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    "There is no wrong way to set up a drum kit"

    Great for recording! The engineer is going to love that separation.