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    How does one get this drum sound?

    Hey guys. Link: How does one get the drum sound in that link. Nice and slappy and wet. He stated in one of his comments that he doesn't use triggers at all, but I can't ask him about his tuning since his last activity is the 4th of...
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    Steve Padin's drum setup?

    Can anyone one tell me this guy's drum setup? Here is a link to one of their music videos: Anyways, excellent drummer! Thanks.
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    Finger Speed, Strength and Technique.

    Right, so my wrist technique is good. I use no arm movement except when doing fills, but now the next phase. 16ths on the ride cymbal and blasting (one footed at least for now). Explanations and videos for Flying Fingers (French Grip) are hard to find. If anyone can help me on this topic with...