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    Wierd Al: Never Off Beat

    poo Poor Al...harrassed by Madonna when all he wants is to play the accordian!
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    Flat Based Hardware?

    i like boom tri dbl braced for hardware that I do not plan to carry around a lot. If I was being mobile with my set right now I would look at the AXIS Vortex Boom Single Braced Stands.(I think they are out of production?...but they are findable) I also like to use clamp on extensions(sometimes...
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    Do you have a method for 'shorthand' when taking notes for new songs?

    Here is a good thread talking about Nashville Number System from back in late 2008 Has a great reference to a book(post #14)...and some contact info for the author. Search is VERY powerful on DW! Jim Riley - Nashville Number System
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    Do you have a method for 'shorthand' when taking notes for new songs?

    Hey Bermuda, what is CH at the end of bar 8(or is that the end of Bar 3?) and the beginning of the 3rd line?...I will guess change?...or is it China? Edit: ahhh...chorus..or so it seems : )
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    Hot Take on Black Friday Drum Shop Sales

    Trust is the victim of a secrecy/allowed manipulation(open advertisement) culture. Its easy to see why people that have lived longer than the current average population age start to see threats everywhere...where companies end up damaging long term sales while making a fraction in short term...
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    How do you feel about pursuing a filled drum spot?

    Music is a very collaborative landscape.(i AM captain obvious!) I think that the more you contribute as best you can, the better your involvement becomes...including knowing when to not contribute. Trying to 'take' a position is and looks exactly as described...taking. I think it is a more...
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    "The recording Process did it ever make or break a drummer?

    I have been thinking about my original response and am not satisfied with it. I would propose that EVERYTHING together, including the butterfly flapping its wings on the other side of the planet, make or break a drummer. We cannot know alternate realities where something in the past is...
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    Hi Hat Height: What's Your Preference?

    Consider experimenting with your setup. I put my hats on a DW Remote HH stand attached to my snare. The hats are directly opposite of where I no limb crossover required. its amazing how much adjustment for limb crossover I used to do.
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    Is It Jan. 2, 2024 Yet?

    My best wishes to the folks who carry weights of past troubles through their holidays.
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    I Got That "I was in Accident Call, Grandpa" BEWARE OF SCAMS!

    Thought I would interject that the A.I. business buzz-word(alot like "The Cloud") is not needed...the tech that allows one voice to sound like another is called an Envelope Follower. Artificial Narrow Intelligence does exist(very limited in function) while Artificial General Intelligence(very...
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    I Got That "I was in Accident Call, Grandpa" BEWARE OF SCAMS!

    "oh, just a second...can you wait while I find my credit card?..thank you dear..." <<otto leaves the phone next to some horrendous AM station playing Lawrence Welk's greatest hits>>
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    "The recording Process did it ever make or break a drummer?

    If only the person twiddling the knobs cared as much as I do... Tech: Its ready Otto: <<looks at the patching and board>> Otto: What do you think of setting the polarities so they compliment? Tech: <<rolls eyes>> Would be great to have the $ or contacts to work with professionals...but alas...
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    "The recording Process did it ever make or break a drummer?

    I like to think of micing/recording as a skill like I consider tuning. Dont really need either to play but it sure does sound better when i attend to them.
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    Hi Hat Height: What's Your Preference?

    Enough clearance between the bottom hat and the snare rim so that when the bottom hat traverses its full movement range it will not strike the snare rim...usually overlapping the snare by about 10-20%-ish?
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    Surprise Landing (neighbors think I'm loud)

    Sell the mutes and buy more sticks. I understand why people don't approach directly...the news is littered with the results...but how far do we allow our legally defined rights to be subsumed by fear? my local ordinance defines the time and decibel range allowed. Know your rights, discuss it...