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    Yamaha FP9. Direct or chain?

    I had the chain drive, swapped out with the strap, and then sold it. I prefer the older Yamaha pedals.
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    Ever regret selling something?

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    Yamaha Maple Custom Snare MSD O115 vs Maple Custom Absolute ASD-0105

    Yamaha Maple Custom drums are to be avoided, due to those lugs. They can pull out under high tension. Oooops.... Pretty much the same reason I avoid ANY single point lugs (including Canopus).
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    The feel of a drum

    The feel of your stick hitting the head will be affected by: single headed concert tom vs. double headed tom the drum head (thickness, tension) the stick (stiffness, flexibility, size, bead) number of tension lugs size of drum how the drum is mounted (how much the drum "gives" when struck)...
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    THE CLASSIFIEDS - For Sale / Wanted

    I'm selling a set of Yamaha electronic drums:
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    I suddenly own this 6-piece Yamaha Tour Custom

    Honestly, I didn't even play it with the stock hoops. I put die cast hoops on all my snare drums by default. I did play one in stock form at NAMM, and it sounded totally fine.
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    I suddenly own this 6-piece Yamaha Tour Custom

    Really, really nice. I swapped out the "Slingerland" hoops for die cast. I love it. Especially the adjustable butt side.
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    DW buys Slingerland!

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    I suddenly own this 6-piece Yamaha Tour Custom

    Exactly. (y)
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    I suddenly own this 6-piece Yamaha Tour Custom

    Great drums! Suggestion, when mounting the 12" and 13" on the bass drum, turn the mount 180 degrees and then position the toms further down the arms.
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    Selling on Ebay vs. Reverb-Pros/Cons? Ebay is just atrocious for selling anymore..............

    I look forward to the demise of eBay. I hate it. Haven't used it to sell in over ten years. Reverb has been pretty painless.
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    Remo Vintage Emperor Coated

    1 mil in thickness. Regular Emperor is 2 plies of 7 mil, and Vintage Emperor is 2 plies of 7.5 mil
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    Drummers you hope to see perform live

    Drummers who have passed that I wished I could have seen live: John Bonham Keith Moon Buddy Rich Drummers currently active that I hope to see perform in the future: Adam Nussbaum Manu Katché Joey Baron Drummers I've seen live in the past, but it's been a while and I need to see them again...
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    What's your Drummerworld number?

    There's popular, and then there's influential.
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    What's your top 15 Drummerworld number?

    Louie Bellson Dennis Chambers Billy Cobham Vinnie Colaiuta Steve Gadd Elvin Jones Dave Weckl Tony Williams