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    Band member vs. cast member.
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    Bronze Snare Recommendations

    When will you have enough? Do they all really sound/feel that different to you? Is there really something you're not hearing from your current stable of snare drums?
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    Band member vs. cast member.

    Why do you even care? If you like the music, listen to it. If you like the current lineup, go see them live. These people are all just trying to eek out a living. Cut them some slack.
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    Bass drum notation for drum sheet music

    Not necessary. The bass drum notation is lined up with the notes above it so it's easy to see how things line up. If you really want to have the bass drum's part notated on its own, you would put it on its own staff. The way it is notated is perfectly fine. Not only that, but the song itself is...
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    Newbie head question

    Exactly. You should play them and enjoy your new drums. They won't sound at all inferior to you. Eventually, when they need replacing, experiment with some other options.
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    gretsch quality?

    New as of about four years ago.
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    Snare wires help.

    Exactly. The cloth ribbon isn't sliding over the bottom hoop smoothly. Switch to plastic straps and your problem will disappear.
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    Open letter to all forum members

    I think this is the first post I've seen by johnwesley. What did he post that was so controversial?
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    Music City Ontario

    ...which you were too lazy to include... 😒
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    Ludwig Speed Flyer

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    Ludwig Speed Flyer

    I'm tempted to get a whole set of Ludwigs, including pedals.
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    need a Van Halen tune for the gig this weekend...

    You Really Got Me and Jamie's Cryin' were both hits, and aren't too difficult. Dance the Night Away is a good one too.
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    DW5000 resurrection!

    I never have my heel touching the pedal anyway.
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    Jazz Fusion - Jack DeJohnette, Pat Metheny, Herbie Hancock and Dave Holland - Shadow Dance (live)

    That's one of my all time favorite recordings/performances.