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    How many people are divesting themselves of gear in these difficult times?

    I'm probably going to get rid of the kit I bought, but more because I recently had a kid and haven't touched it, not because of Covid!
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    Ludwig Classic Maple in Burgundy Sparkle. I'll probably just end up getting my old Tama Starclassic Performer re-wrapped in the Burgundy Sparkle instead.
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    Where do you play your drums?

    Thank you! I am working on revamping it, but just had a kid so it might be 18 years before that happens lol
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    Where do you play your drums?

    Ignore the clutter!
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    Where do you play your drums?

    I built an office in my backyard, I work from home so I work back there a few days a week and I have my Roland kit setup.
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    You live in Texas!? If so I'll come get them this weekend.
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    Angry sellers

    There's a guy that's had the same 16" Zildjian Scimitar crash listed for $99 on my local CL for probably 3 years, once day someone is going to bite!
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    Practice Kit: e-kit vs. acoustic with brushes

    How long has it been since you've played an Ekit? On my Roland TD25, I can plug my phone into the aux input and adjust the music volume on the Roland's brain as well as adjust the volume of each piece of the kit, the newer Rolands you can connect your phone via Bluetooth. I use the VicFirth...
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    New Netflix Fred Armisen Special

    When he did every state accent I turned it off. He’s normally funny in sketches/tv, but I don’t know if standup is for him.
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    So has anyone tried that Drumnetics magnetic kick pedal?

    Before you spend any money on a new pedal, definitely make sure you check out the video I linked below for pedal adjustment tips, the Sounds Like A Drum YouTube page is filled with great information for all things drums.
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    Practice Kit: e-kit vs. acoustic with brushes

    I had a kit with mesh heads and low volume cymbals and while the kit felt just like a normal volume acoustic kit I hated how it sounded, the cymbals were really bright and the mesh heads don’t give you much to work with sound wise. Plus, it’s still fairly loud. I have since sold the diet kit and...
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    Drum instructors - Heads in the Clouds

    That's unfortunate. I ALWAYS asked my students what their goals were and what they wanted to work on, I noticed I got a lot more effort from my students when we worked on something they actually wanted to work on. Obviously, if they came in and I saw an issue with their grip, hand technique, or...
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    The reality of recording long distance

    Ekits are fine as long as you can send midi and the engineer knows to expect midi. You can record directly from the Ekit for demos, I use a Roland Go Mixer Pro which does a good job but isn't what I'd consider studio quality, and you can't edit specific sounds on the kit meaning if the snare is...
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    Drum instructors - Heads in the Clouds

    I'd look into lessons through a place like Guitar Center you have a set time every week with the same instructor, you get a free trial lesson for 15-20 minutes to see if they're a good fit, and you can cancel whenever you want. I'd much rather do that than bet on any of the people I know that...
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    Tom mics for home studio

    I've had success with a kick mic, snare mic, one or two overheads (depending on the size of the kit), and a dick mic. The dick mic goes over the bass drum pointed at the snare and right between the toms on a 1 up 1 down setup, I use an SM57. Dick mic examples if you're unfamiliar: