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    RocknRoller carts

    Definitely get the R8 if you can swing it. It compacts down for travel, but you don't want to buy a smaller one and find out after you needed a bit more space...
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    RocknRoller carts

    I also have an R8, started using it from the day I bought it. Heavy duty and reliable, definitely quality. The only thing I've done to make it even better is spray it with Ballistol Oil to keep every part lubricated and longer lasting. Buy once!
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    Mel Lewis Interviews with Loren Schoenberg - History of Jazz Drumming 23+ hours back online

    Thanks a bazillion. I've listened to most of these on Loren's website but haven't seen all the others listed on this web site. Fantastic- I could listen to Mel Lewis (and Loren on other interviews) forever. So much insight, so much first hand gems.
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    Watch out!!!

    Or: Tender Rising: The Band:D
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    Billy Joel Drummer Liberty DeVitto on His New Memoir, Making Peace with His Old Boss

    Thanks for posting that link. Liberty's interviews have always been no-nonsense and colorful, candid in that wonderful NY way- but humble. And no question his drumming on Joel's albums were a huge part of the songs' creations and success. Just the right feel to keep everything grooving...
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    RIP joe Porcaro

    Sorry to hear. Love watching his trio videos, readily available on YT. Plus, he's a lefty,--so I can always pick up some tips from watching his technique. :geek:
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    Al Jackson jr.or Hal Blaine

    Both- IMHO the title could also be "Al Jackson, Jr. and Hal Blaine." :cool:
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    The Beatles- Music Theory?

    Excellent video, excellent narrator. And this guy can explain the esoteric musical stuff to us non-formally trained mere mortals w/out getting too heady or boring. I found it fascinating since I had only heard the Beatles couldn't read music but didn't know these juicy tidbits as well. In a...
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    Rick Dior on Warming Up before playing

    I'd have to agree that as great a teacher as Rick is, his content assumes the viewers are high level-intermediate to advanced. I also love the way he demos all his extensive gear in sufficient detail. He not only has everything, but multiples of those everythings. I think his primary...
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    Guitar Center Screw Up is my Come up

    Big Score!!! Nice to hear, congrats.
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    Rick Dior on Warming Up before playing

    Rick Dior is the best teacher/performer I've ever found on the Internet in his comprehensive knowledge of percussion, drums of so many styles. I watched the video and started the stretches as he showed, great points being made here. If he does it regularly, I certainly would have to. Amazing...
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    Buddy Rich in 1982 had a heart attack during this drum solo but kept going

    Just mind boggling. One has to wonder how incredible the solo would have been with no heart attack occurrence.
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    Ludwig Acrolite Reissue

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    Remo silentstroke and Evans soundoff mesh heads: the feel??

    I've never tried the Evans heads. But the Remo Silents were so bouncy I took it off my snare and replaced it by putting an Aquarian Superpad on top of the snare instead for a more realistic feel with some remnant snare sound (or if snare wires off, even quieter). Bass drum- ridiculously bouncy...