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    Lights, Camera, Accordion!

    I just received an email from Amazon that @bermuda has a new book available for pre-order. Great timing with WEIRD debuting on Roku Friday.
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    Do metal snares inherently have more sympathetic buzz?

    Another trick to reduce sympathetic buzz is slightly loosening the 4 reso lugs adjacent to the snare wires.
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    What's your favorite song(s) to play?

    For me, it will always be Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get it On" which Paul Humphrey riddles with sublime ghost notes and exquisite fills. Others on the list: Pixies: La La Love You Rolling Stones: Monkey Man
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    My thoughts on all these recent pedals

    I've been very happy with my new Tama Dynasync:
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    Renowns...I get it now!

    I have buyer's remorse for getting the 22" RN2 BD instead of the 18".
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    Weird Al Trailer

    Still no casting credit on IMDB for who will be portraying @bermuda
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    Renowns...I get it now!

    Love my RN2s. I've never heard of RN2s without silver sealer.
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    Pedals are my bane

    Have you tried the Ludwig Speed KIng?
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    "Let There Be Drums"

    Legendary drummers discuss the art of percussion and their passion for music in a new documentary scheduled to hit cinema screens in the US in late October... Link
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    Currently #1 on my wish list. Game changer = Yamaha's HW-3 Crosstown Advanced Lightweight Hardware
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    Your recommendation on backrest thrones?

    I love my Roc n Soc Nitro backrest...
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    "Standards" in Rock, Pop, Jazz, Blues..

    When I hear "standards," I think most are referring to: Great American Song Book
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    Ridge riser vs other products for cross sticking

    I got the blue jam block based on a recommendation from @bermuda in an older thread. It's easy to mount and works like a charm.
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    The good Youtube channels?

    Drum Center of Portsmouth is the gold standard for gear reviews and comparisons.