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    What are you doing drumwise during the lockdown?

    What is that from? I ask because it's just a paradiddle started 5/8 of the way through. I would think if you could play a paradiddle, this should be pretty simple. Not trying to be snarky either. All I see is the exercise, not the words on the page with the instructions or explanation. But upon...
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    COVID 19 Nurses Perspective PLEASE READ

    But all that means is before it lands, not before it dies. That same aerosolized covid-19 is now on the ground. Or a table. Or a person. Half life is the wrong term. There hasn't been a decrease, just a scattering. Half life = decrease by half over time. And that time doesn't change. Half life's...
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    What are you doing drumwise during the lockdown?

    They are awesome. You can use the bouncy side for speed and control, the other side for endurance. I like to use the edges of mine also to simulate moving the stick around. It gives a distinct zone to aim for where a round pad has just one edge. Ben I used to feel the exact same way. I would...
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    One up and One down trend ?

    I don't think it's a trend. I think it's a return to normal, meaning people have been doing that forever. Look at Ringo. Look at lots of jazz drummers. Look at early rock drummers. 1 up, ride over the kick, 1 down 2 down whatever. It's an optimal position for a ride. Nothing else should go...
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    DCP Threads

    In the Classifieds/Wanted thread you can. That is advertising central. Perhaps there should be a vendor forum for the shops and builders to show off their stuff and peddle their wares.
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    COVID 19 Nurses Perspective PLEASE READ

    That's disappointing. My hair that remains is long. It might be an unwinnable battle to fill in then grow out.
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    Free stuff on TV... for awhile

    Wish WrestleMania was free this year. Wrestling is really strange without an audience. The people who ordered it on PPV are getting screwed I feel. The audience participation makes a huge difference on entertainment value. Since sports is cancelled anyhow and tv is struggling to find other...
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    What are the most durable drumsticks you know of?

    I disagree. I am a heavy hitter, metal drummer, and do lots of rimshots. Wood holds up better to a rimshot than an AHEAD stick. They will snap like twigs in the same spot over and over, at the taper where the sleeve ends and the grip starts. If the tip unscrews it will puncture your heads. If...
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    COVID 19 Nurses Perspective PLEASE READ

    From what I just researched about zoonosis and coronavirus, if I understand correctly, the protein attaches itself to a cell. It has 3 parts, one to open and reprogram the cell, one to make and disperse the virus, and one to find other like cells to invade with said virus. It almost sounds like...
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    Goofy or Silly Original Songs

    Title says it all, no paradys. Could be anything, as long as the idea of the song is silly or goofy. I'll start with a short list: Beep Beep - The Playmates The Purple People Eater - Sheb Wooley Barbie Girl - Aqua I know almost everyone hates Barbie Girl, but it is pretty silly. Love em or...
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    COVID 19 Nurses Perspective PLEASE READ

    You weren't kidding dry reading. But yes, it helped clear a few things up.
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    COVID 19 Nurses Perspective PLEASE READ

    I wonder how North Korea is handling this. Don't hear much from them lately. Honestly, don't hear much about anything anymore. EDIT: Art you beat me to it. Gotta learn to type faster. Is there a book of typing rudiments?
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    Yamaha Stage Custom ?

    I think it's just quality control honestly. When I was building speaker cabinets for Yamaha, they were very particular about fit and finish. A small scratch, texture isn't correct, color is a shade off, whatever. If it wasn't borderline perfect it would have to be completely stripped and...
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    New Orleans Club Scene

    I agree 100%. Went for 3 days in 2004 and had a blast. Music everywhere, you can't get away from it, it was fantastic.
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    COVID 19 Nurses Perspective PLEASE READ

    I'm a bit confused, if it isn't alive how does it replicate? Something creates and generates this thing. It didn't just happen. No what I was getting at is not the seeding, but the cases/death ratio. There is no consistency between states. I think Art is right, it depends on the number of tests.