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    Color trends

    I read somewhere that when lead free paint became a requirement there were limited colours available for cars, so white and silver became the most common car colours. Since then the technology has developed and more colours have emerged, but at a higher cost.
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    Gotta love a graph

    My graph shows a dip in the bass end as well as the expected treble roll off. Which explains why my toms and bass drum don’t sound as good to me as they used to, but other people compliment me all the time on the sound of the drums.
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    Gigging Hearing Protection - Recommendations

    Earasers are the ones that give me enough protection whilst still letting me hear the rest of the band clearly. Most of the other ‘musos’ earplugs muffle so much that I feel isolated from the band and start making mistakes or misjudging tempos.
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    Promoting a Gig Without Social Media?

    Online gig guide. Newspaper gig guide. Flyers in the local shops. Old people still see these.
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    How many Crashes?

    Sometimes 2, sometimes 1. Depends on the gig. (I used to own 11, but sold a few - now it’s back to 8)
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    HELP NEEDED!! Short survey re making drums easier to transport and set-up

    I have multiple answers for qu.1 Often a compact kit - 2 pce, 1 cymbal Sometimes a full acoustic kit. Sometimes a basic house kit is provided.
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    An App to Write My Music on a Song Sheet

    Over the years I have seen ads for programmes that notate from audio. I’ve never used one, but apparently they exist. Similar to ‘text to speech’ functions.
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    Hearing Loss Even After Hearing Protection

    Hearing also deteriorates with age, as bones become brittle and muscles lose flexibility. I’ve lost a bit at 4K, a bit more at 8. I can barely hear 10K - only if it’s quite loud. Some loss from drumming and conducting bands, some just from ageing. Same with my eyesight..
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    A financial band situation, just wondering what others think about this…

    Get some other quotes for hiring a similar PA. Hopefully cheaper than your current fee. Then suggest he lowers his hire fee, and if he won’t then threaten to hire the cheaper system instead.
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    Pearl ISS or optimount for my drums.

    Optimounts are based on the depth of the drum 7-8”, 9-10”, etc. Black optimounts can be drilled to suit other brands - I have Premier blocks on mine. Optimounts are more reliable than ISS mounts. The trick is to slide them closed just enough so the weight is on the lugs, not the hoops, so the...
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    Why oh why

    As mentioned above, the Yamaha Tour series has a 20x15 bass. The Gretsch Catalina range has a 20-12-14 set, with a 20x14 bass drum. Also the Tama SLP Fat Spruce has a 20-12-14 set with the 20x14 bass.
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    Inconsiderate Upright Bass Players................

    The top can snap under pressure, so they lay it on its side where the ribs are reinforced. This picture was three weeks ago at my school. This happened inside the padded bag whilst carrying it through a doorway…
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    How did you find the band you're in?

    Through friends. Main band 25 years. Others 2-5 years, referred by a pub where I play.
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    Good affordable overhead mics!

    Rode M2’s come in matched pairs at an affordable price. Edit: Just realized I meant M5’s.. as mentioned below… oops.
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    How's business where you live?

    South Australia was heavily shut down for covid, but seems to be up and running again now. Local govt. released a thousand $400 live music vouchers for venues to use for live bands, which has helped get things going. Some venues closed, and crowds seem a bit smaller, but generally there are...