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    Bass Cowbell (sort of) take a look

    Is it mounted next to an auxiliary snare, that's tall/tom height? I'd love to see more pics of your setup with this.
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    Thoughts on Sennheiser e604 & e602 drum mics?

    I like the e602 and have an e902, Sennheiser often comes up on good reverb deals (Alto Music I think) on open box stuff. Not a huge fan of the 604, I think there are better deals and that better tom mics have come out for less money. KAM, CAD, and AT ATM230 (this one especially had great reviews...
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    DIY $4 Axis Pedal Trigger

    I don't have a double pedal, and my current drum 'brain' only has one kick input, but I'm 75% sure it will work with a double pedal and a stereo splitter/combiner cable. I don't know how often people do this vs a trigger on the kick drum head (if you watch the NIN March Of The Pigs video you can...
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    DIY $4 Axis Pedal Trigger

    I got some piezo contact pickups from eBay or Amazon to hook up to a PDP/KAT pad I have. Was going to hook up a curved beater to strike downwards and never even considered that the geometry of the pedal and DD linkage prevent it. With some foam, carpet tape, scissors, and the velcro included...
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    Large diaphragm overhead mic for $150?

    Neat Mics King Bee is about as good as it gets for that money, designed by Skipper Wise of BLUE Microphones. Should be super low noise too, a big BLUE trait.
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    Bell Brass Snare On The Cheap?

    I know the alloys, have mostly always thought that 'bell brass' was actually cast bronze.
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    Bell Brass Snare On The Cheap?

    I notice that I do like heavier steel snares. Finding that the seamless Tama shells were available in Swingstar dress (cheap now!) was great, and I have one I'm building with a new strainer and DCs.
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    Bell Brass Snare On The Cheap?

    So I kind of love the Tama BBs of yore, and feel they sound a bit like a snare with reverb added, like how a wide open unported reso kick gives you an added resonance. A few things: - not spending $900+ on a Tama, Oriollo, or similar. Probably not even the $500+ on an Ahead, Pearl or DW or...
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    Thoughts on different white colors for kits? Not satin flame or pearl or oyster, but solid white

    I remember first learning about the different blacks for car paint, metallic/flat/gloss/green black/blue black etc. Has anyone compared different whites? I'm interested in rehabbing shells if I get a pro or mid-range shell pack cheap enough, and I don't love the generic white wrap I've seen...
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    Can Someone Explain The Stagg Or Wuhan Series' To Me? 457, S, Western?

    Bonus if you can explain the 'other' Wuhan brands (Agazarian etc).
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    Thoughts On Best Way To Rack A 16" Floor Tom?

    I'd like to do an offset tom setup with a stealth rack. I've been thinking of cutting big toms or getting custom shallow toms for a 14-16-20 (gong drum as floor tom) or 13-14-16-20 setup, but it would be much cheaper and easier to just buy an existing kit and mount the toms offset. I'm thinking...
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    Comparing Wuhan to other major cymbal manufacturers?

    I've played some Wuhans and think of myself as familiar with their tone and weight (obviously they vary some). What would they be most similar to in the ranges of Ziljdian and Sabian? A? AA? I think of them as pretty light and vintage-ish but not dark and jazzy, if that makes makes sense.
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    Shell Drilled Tom Mounts On High End Drums?

    Thoughts? I'm ambivalent on iso mounts, and looking for feedback. I've seen the old school mounts on USA Gretsch, Ludwig, and Yamaha with their YESS mounts. Yam makes a big deal about it being at a nodal point and not interfering with resonance. Basically planning a custom kit and not sure where...
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    Tama Starclassic Performer Birch 90s (?) help

    Hi all. You've been a tremendous help in dating and explaining this era of Tama stuff when I was dating my snare. What can you tell me about this era kit? All birch? What made it a 'performer'? I like the sizes, and might even want to go bigger on the rack toms. Thanks! Vid from youtube...
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    How Much Crap Can I Put On A Bass Drum?

    After looking at Iggor Cavalera's kits and offset tom setups and guessing my tom needs, I'm plotting a setup with offset toms on a stealth rack. I'm thinking a Ludwig rail, or possibly two, to hold a ride, crash, and remote hats on the kick. Could it work? Any down sides? Offset pic from the...