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    20” kicks anyone?

    Yup, I like my 20x14. It sounds great.
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    Lollipop Graveyard

    That's great that your can have this much fun with your fam!!! Outstanding performance!!! Thanks for sharing.
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    Tommy Igoe - Groove 97

    That was great! Nice job.
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    Things you said you'd never do or never own...but you do now! (Music content only)

    I never thought I would use "rods", but I did. I liked them for the situation I was in. I never thought I'd play country, but then I did. I kinda like it, I listen to it sometimes now. I never thought I'd ever stop playing, but things have happened that prevent me from playing. Once I...
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    Rack tom stand base

    I would buy a tom stand, or look for a used Ludwig cymbal stand with a bass that fits the tom mount Will the matching bass drum come with a tom mount? Maybe you could put one tom one each bass drum?
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    How many brands of drum gear have YOU owned?

    Drums: Rogers, Yamaha (5), Pacific, DW, Ludwig, Tama, Legend, Magstar Cymbals: Zildjian, Sabian, Paiste, Avanti, Stagg, Chamber, Hardware: Gibraltar, Tama, Yamaha, DW, Ludwig, Sticks: VicFirth, Regal Tip, ProMark, Headhunter(rods), Ahead, Heads: Remo, Evans, Aquarian
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    Is this fair?

    I agree with incrementalg. Unless you absolutely love the Ludwig set that is offered (finish, sizes), you could just sell the DW and buy a set of used Ludwigs in the configuration and finish that appeals to you (and most likely have some cash left over).
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    Show Us Your Set List

    Ha! I use a similar list. I also have columns for the year and genre just in case I want to create a specific type of set. Those are usually hidden though. I even have notes for the guitar player (i.e. what harmonica he's supposed to grab, where the capo is supposed to be, what the pedal setting...
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    "Diggin' on James Brown" - Tower of Power - Performance/Transcription

    This was great! Outstanding job! Thanks for sharing.
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    Performing songs cold

    Not often, but it has happened. Usually it would be something that the band has agreed to that is pretty straight forward. A variation of this I think would also be when someone requests a song that we as a band have never done, but we all have done it in other bands, or just know it.
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    Stop keeping time on ride and hi-hats

    If you haven't worked through this yet, I liked working through Linear Time Playing by Gary Chaffee, it's a fun book. It could help you think outside the box when you want to come up with something different. Be careful though, you may end up over doing the creativity. :)
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    10 Best Reviewed Kits of 2019

    Thanks for posting this video, it was great. I felt the honorable mention should have been in the top 10, and a few of the top 10 could have been honorable mentions 😁. I really liked the Ludwig Mahogany, British Drum Company, and Canopus Yaiba. That Gretsch was the coolest though. Again, thanks...
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    Why do you play Zildjian?

    I started out with Zildjian. They're made in my neck of the woods. When I got older I tried other brands, and still went back to Zildjian. I've always been satisfied with Zildjian cymbal sounds. I love my K's and K customs.
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    Drum kit choise for hip hop

    I once used a 22" bass drum with a Remo pinstripe, no front head, big ol' pillow inside, for a hip hop/rap project. It really depends on what your doing. I think Swisswards suggestion makes a lot of sense if you are looking for versatility though.
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    A good snare batter head?

    I use Evans: I have a G1 on one snare, a HD on another, and an HD Dry on another. They all sound great. If you are breaking Ambassadors, perhaps switching to a two ply will suit your style a little more. Emperor, Empreror X, G2, HD, Power Center ect ect.