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    COVID and Creativity

    Well this is either coincidence or big brother tech has tabs on my every move... I think the later. Anyway, this just in from Reverb... How Artists are Working From Home
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    COVID and Creativity

    I didn’t know how to title this thought, so here it goes with a bit more detail on my comment/ question. With COVID shutting down most things, especially live events, do you think the bands that are now doing very little, have shifted their efforts to a more creative state? Or stalled? I would...
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    Any Kansas / Phil Ehart fans?

    Carry On and Dust in the Wind are radio friendly. They have a few other like that. And they definitely brought in some new fans. While the shorter hits are great, I prefer the progressive longer pieces. You might like their most successful album Leftoverture. It did well for a reason. Hits and...
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    Any Kansas / Phil Ehart fans?

    Kansas... Long time fan of the band. Each member brings a special sumpin sumpin to their very unique sound. And there's a few band changes... again. Ehart's percussion constantly amazes me and thank gawd, he has been the catalyst to keeping the band going. He now manages the band. Anyway...
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    You know you’re getting old when...

    What a Dad joke. Right? That's a dad joke? Yea it is... I'm sure it is. It's funny as hell. Funny I said... dammit.
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    I tried to explain to her

    Very funny song... and so much truth to it. remember from long days gone on the Bob and Tom Show.
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    Church Drummer Playing Too Loud?

    What the hell, pop up wants me to allow Facebook to track this video. I click ‘don’t allow‘ and it shuts down. What is going on with these big social websites?
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    One song you've played more than any other.

    Song For America - Kansas I‘ve been practicing this song on and off since forever and I still don’t have it down. It’s become my brass ring.
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    Goofy or Silly Original Songs

    Ode to the Odometer - artist unknown sorry no recording... but I definitely remember a local band wrote this song. In a nutshell (Harry Chapin style of storytelling), it’s a story about finding a car full of kids have run off the road for no apparent reason. Then they see the odometer was just...
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    Drummers Can't Dance?

    Oh... I can dance... I’m just not sure any one else would recognize it as dancing. example a
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    Fave Live Albums

    Marshall Tucker Band - Where We All Belong Atlanta Rhythm Section - Are You Ready Eagles - Hell Freezes Over
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    What is your favorite drummer joke?

    “OK fellas... what key are we in for this song?”
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    Hawaii 5-0 drum intro fun...

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    There's loads of mediocre rock cover bands, then there's-----

    Well hell, since Andy introduced this cover band (Classic Rock Show), Youtube in their ahem wisdom has been introducing others. Some just amazed at the talent out there. Band Geeks. Their range is pretty massive. Looks like they have a ton of rotating talent. This version of Heaven and Hell...
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    Isolation Performance

    I wanted to like the isolation performances when this all started, but less than a few have caught my attention. This one, by The Doobie Brothers (Black Water) does a pretty fine job.