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    Happy Earth Day 2014

    Every day should be Earth Day but we'll take what we can. Give thanks to clean air, water, trees and animals. And to those who cared enough to do something when ED commenced back in 1970. Bands With "Earth" in Name - Rare Earth Manfred Mann's Earth Band That's all I know.
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    Paul Simon Down Under in 2013

    Seems like Mr. Simon will be playing a handful of concerts in Australia and New Zealand in 2013. Nothing else so far. I'd be interested to read anyone's review of the show and wonder about his plans for percussionists for the tour. Steve Gadd? Saw Simon and Bob Dylan tour together back in...
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    Ringo Now Using Yamaha Drums??

    Believe it or not, it's true. Well it is for the drummer of a great tribute act called Classical Mystery Tour. I saw this band with our city's symphony 2 years ago and their Ringo was playing a gorgeous Ludwig Classic Maple black oyster pearl kit, in all it's...
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    Best Drums To Withstand Hurricane Sandy?

    Gotta be Ludwig Vistalites, no? The current version not the vintages. I guess Crush too. The new kid on the block could make a name for themself. Good opportunity. :) Seriously, be safe. out there.
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    Gretsch Renown '57s Jazz Bop Shell Packs Now Deep Discounted?

    I was elated when I saw that many online sellers are offering brand new in box 4 piece shell packs of Gretsch's great Renown retro '57 shell packs for range of $700-800 or so. Get them while you can. I have no idea why. Perhaps they're being discontinued. But I am a proud new owner (pictures...
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    Question for Premier Drum Experts

    There is a local person selling this Premier drum set. He claims they're from the 1980s, though when it comes to Premiers I am clueless. The badges are without serial numbers. The lugs are unusual. Anyway, seller says his late relative was a pro drummer so I'm thinking they gotta be decent. Any...
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    Marvin Hamlisch Mystery

    The recent passing of Marvin Hamlisch is interesting to say the least. He passed away this week of a still "undisclosed illness" at age 68. I searched and have not found a shred of evidence or discussion regarding as to the cause of his death. I first heard of him in 1974 when his...
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    Classic Drummer Magazine status?

    I love this magazine, formerly known as Vintage Drummer. It's been around for about 10 years and touts itself as being a quarterly (issued 4 times a year). However, over the last year and a half they've published only 2 issues. Most of their phone numbers are now disconnected and it's almost...
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    Favorite/Least Favorite Finishes

    This probably has been asked and answered here many (Keith) moons ago... but my daily perusal of craigslist reveals a consistent stream of rather dismal, depressing cheap drum kits in the uninspiring "black" or "red wine" finishes. Those are my least favorite two, obviously. My favorite is the...
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    Donna Summer :(

    Now this is really sad news. Reports on her death. Donna was an innovator is so many ways. Underappreciated, but certainly worthy of the Rock Hall of Fame. Her music was the soundtrack of America from 1975-83. Didn't know she had cancer. But it's time people wake up and realize chemo and...
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    Show Us Your Local Drum Shop

    I'm not sure if this has been done here before (if so my apologies). I was sitting a red stop light late last evening, which happen to be in front of my local shop. It kinda asked me to take a photo of it so out came my camera phone. I showed you mine now show me yours.
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    Ludwig Rocker mid 1980s - A Weekend Acquisition

    I saw these on my local Craigslist and made a impulse decision to buy them. They looked way better in perso than in this dingy photo. I don't know much about this line of Ludwig drums other that they were made in their Monroe, NC facility in the early to mid 1980s. I fell in love with the red...
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    A Possible Find? Or Possibly Junk?

    Or somewhere in between. It could be Japanese, but looks decent though.. Comments? Thanks.
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    Ludwig 4-Piece Cavern Club Fab Shell Pack ?

    I've been trying in vain to get information on this new(?) release from the folks at Ludwig? I can't even locate a photo. Top secret stuff? Can anyone provide further information? Thanks very much.
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    Ludwig Fab 4 Classic Maple - questions?

    Dear Ludwig experts - I know of someone trying to sell this kit. I was under the impression that the Classic Maple Fab 4 was a recent offering by Ludwig (last 1-2 years). But the seller claims to have purchased this about 8 years ago. Can anyone kindly educate me as to when the fab 4 was...