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    Cymbal to drum ratio

    5 drums 6 cymbals I'm rubbish at maths
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    Should I stay or should I go....

    Thanks all for your words of wisdom - appreciate it!!
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    Should I stay or should I go....

    Friends - what would you do?🤷‍♂️ Been in the same covers band for 11 or 12 years - we're pretty good,and we are all good mates,no major drama's,we play 50-60 gigs a year. But getting to rehearse and learn new songs is difficult (due to day jobs) and it's gone a bit stale. Plus I do ALL the...
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    Everybody's Kit Looks Cooler Than Mine

    I've always managed to get my kits set up comfortably AND looking good (to my eye at least) but it is a trial and error process and consequently I now have one of almost every type of clamp/arm/attachment ever produced! :ROFLMAO:
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    Can anyone name that drumkit?

    How many mics does it take to record a drum kit....... Hilarious when you consider it will probably be cleaned and quantisized to a point where it doesn't sound much like what he's actually playing anyway!!
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    Any gigs cancelled due to the virus?

    No government instruction otherwise as yet so business as usual here so far....played Saturday night - decent crowd. Gig this Friday is still on at the moment.
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    Polarizing bands/singers.

    I don't get the Nickleback thing - because they couldn't be MORE middle ground....they're not great,they're not terrible -they're just ....ok. They don't evoke love or hate or any emotion really imo....unless 'meh' counts ?
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    Any gigs cancelled due to the virus?

    None of ours binned as yet - but I'm expecting it.
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    Double bass

    I used to play double bass drums with single pedals - then I went to double bass drums with a double pedal on one of them - so i didn't have to try and tune them both the same - then i went to double pedal on one and a single pedal on the other and tuned it higher. Now I play double pedal on one...
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    "Gospel Chops"...I just don't get it.................

    I think in this day and age there are two different markets, 1) Collaborative music for the pocket grooving money beat players= gigs in a band setting. 2) Youtube/exhibition/clinic's for the technical chops monsters= gigs from those avenues. As the world moves on maybe type 2 will overtake type...
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    Drum shaming..

    You have to allow yourself to be 'shamed' - you can choose whether other peoples opinion of your ability to do 'whatever' bothers you. I'm not ashamed I can't play 11/8 (For example) I don't feel like a lesser drummer cos I can't play 11/8 I've no desire to play 11/8 - I'm not impressed by it...
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    Musician's Equipment Inventory List

    Simple Excel spreadsheet for mine - got my local store to corroborate all my values on a letter headed quote for replacements. Insurer was happy with that. Turns out the £10k kit in a £2k car for a £60 gig thing is me......... Insurance costs me the equivalent of 2 gigs a year.
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    Double pedal question

    Instead of direct drive or chain drive (for the beater) ,you could have cable drive too???
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    Being in a Romanian river for 100 years would make the CARTboard soggy!! :LOL:
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    Double pedal question

    Aahh ok....i get it. If the slave pedal gets nudged inwards ,wouldn't the cable go slack though?? If the play isn't in the cable - how come remote hats lag so much? 🤷‍♂️