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    Sabian - Where's the HH series going?

    Sure, I'll criticise. From late 1999, to at least late 2013 the A Line sound REALLY SUCKED. They also discontinued a few cymbals that were available for decades because they started offering "similar" cymbals in the A Custom line. If I WANTED A Custom cymbals, I would have bought them. The main...
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    Ignorant Noob Question... Again. Is This "A Thing"?

    I haven't had a double pedal since around '93, but prior to that I wouldn't have carried the pedals by the center shaft. I can't recall seeing others do it, but know it happens. I've worked on becoming proficient with a single pedal over the years, and I've been thinking to get a DP again for...
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    What is the best riser for a small bass drum?

    The Evans/Dixson is the one I use. I have 3 of them. I have.tried out the other "clamp on style" (pictured above) and it didn't work for me because of pedal placement--aside from having to clamp it on. The Evans/Dixson is sturdy, fast to use, and stable. I mainly use a 26" bass drum in my...
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    What's your latest purchase?

    I just picked up some 80's 15" AA Sabian Rock Sizzle Hats. Should have them next week. I've had a set of Standard 15" AA Sizzle Hats since '00, and I love them. Wanted something with a bit "more" but the same character and I happened to find a set of the Rock version. Maybe I was supposed to...
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    What's your latest purchase?

    A couple people just recently "liked" the Gibraltar Ultra Adjust snare stand I have for my tom--that I posted in 2014. I STILL have it and STILL use it! It is a fantastic stand. I also use TNR Little booty shakers on the stand--I believe they rebranded them as Truevibe Isolation Mounts. They...
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    I'm in between purge and hold steady. There really isn't anything I need, but one or two things I'd like because I'm getting ready to record a new cd with my band. Purging some cymbals I don't need, or "got and sound great, but not the right thing" in the next week. Just have to find the time...
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    I've been down the road with custom sizes myself. I've always been aware that the sizes I wanted are not what most others would go for, so "resale" doesn't factor in for what I've done at different times. Sometimes I've been able to get some custom things through sources at companies, other...
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    What's your latest purchase?

    I just got this really great sounding '78-'82 20" A Zildjian Swish TODAY! One of my favorite models of cymbal, and one that has been discontinued for many years. Super happy with the sound of this one. It's pretty tarnished and has some green on it, and has probably not been cleaned in decades...
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    Is there something going on w Modern Drummer? Subscription Issues

    I just got that issue last week.....
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    Hats + One Cymbal?

    I love playing with hats and just one or two cymbals. It wouldn't work in my main band, but for anything else I don't miss the "extra stuff", and it's fun!
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    Zildjian "Then and Now"

    I was happy with the reworking of the A line starting in 2013. Around '99-2000, I couldn't get a nice sounding A cymbal. They were ALL too dull, and lifeless sounding compared to everything else I had ever gotten from Zildjian. I went to Sabian and got what I was looking for, and then...
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    Why are bass drums so deep?

    As to the original post question of why?... In a nutshell, to get a different sound. To also have the ability to get a different sound quickly by mic placement. In 20+ years, I've had ZERO issues in getting a fantastic sound live, or recorded with my 20(depth)x26 bass drum. Some FOH guys have...
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    Remo coated emperor

    With Remo heads, for ME, an Ambassador has always sounded too perfect. I prefer some "dirt" in my snare, and the Ambassador sounds too good for that type of sound. Coated Emps never sounded tubby or too low for me because I like a more snug batter head. I've used a coated TOP DOT Amb, or Emp...
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    Regal Tip out of business?

    I was told the other day that RT hasn't even making the Nylon Tips anymore. My drum shop guy said they told him that their tip machine broke, and they needed parts for it, but didn't know when it was going to be fixed. I have NO idea if they just told him that when he was asking about his...
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    Regal Tip out of business?

    If you are looking for the FEEL of RT and just can't get them, use this. 2 coats and you're golden.