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    GC Wouldn't Let Me In

    Probably due to Arizona state's low population, per square mile.
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    GC Wouldn't Let Me In

    One of the key points of this whole thing is you’re being asked to be responsible to protect not only yourself but also other people. The latter of which a some people sometimes forget or just don’t see.
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    How to become a more musical drummer

    Listen to the song Serve the song
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    What do you hear when it's silent?

    I don't have tinnitus as I've used hearing protection where possible, for a long time. For anyone reading this that isn't affected that hasn't done so yet I'd implore you to buy some. It's really not worth leaving it to chance. You only get one set of ears.
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    Favorite piece of gear that's not a drum or cymbal.

    DW5000 & 5002 pedals Vic Firth American Classic 1A sticks Roc n Soc throne All three of the above are important to me
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    RIP Jimmy Cobb

    It’s being reported this morning that unfortunately he has passed away at 91 years of age. I’ll be shortly putting on Kind of Blue in tribute. RIP
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    My First Booking of the Covid -19 Season

    Really sorry to hear of your loss and I hope his send off goes well.
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    Reverse Order of Mounted Toms?

    I tried a reverse order when going through a Jimmy Chamberlin phase whilst in my teens. He has a 14" rack before his 10" and 12" (I think) Didn't really work for me, soon changed it back to normal and I've never tried it again.
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    New drums for quarantine

    Fine looking kit indeed
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    I use a Korg MA-1BLBK Not expensive and does a job.
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    Pearl vs. DW Drums Which do you prefer?

    I really like Pearl, my first kit was a Pearl (I still have it) and I love the Masters Custom series. I also own a DW kit (Collectors Series) and I love it also. DW for me, but both are great drum manufacturers.
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    Appreciation to Alizee Defan for promoting women's drumming

    Exactly, play on the same field. But I’d counter that to say it still isn’t a level playing field currently, despite what some would claim. For someone to think it's level is laughable to me, as it clearly isn't. Some examples, look at the line up of a drumming festival/trade show and look at...
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    Appreciation to Alizee Defan for promoting women's drumming

    I do but I don’t see how the behaviour of elderly females (in your opinion, with you not being an elderly woman) has to do with promoting women’s drumming and any sexism female drummers receive.
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    Appreciation to Alizee Defan for promoting women's drumming

    Doing what exact thing better? I’ll be honest I’m not sure on the point you are trying to make.
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    Appreciation to Alizee Defan for promoting women's drumming

    In your opinion, I guess.